I’ve Got many Problems But Silestone Ain’t One


Building problems and solutions

Silestone is a modern marvel that makes your everyday living comfortable and stylish. To understand why Silestone is so craved by builders and architects, not to forget the homeowners, is easy enough. It is low-maintenance and looks stunning, but that’s not all! Its fragile look does not at all overshadow its immense strength and resistance to almost everything.

Whether you are decorating your home or office, a luxurious and rich appeal never goes out of style. Here is a wise selection, which is crafted carefully by MKW Surfaces, an authorized seller of Silestone in London among other select few dealers who really understand what homeowners and designers really want in their homes today. This summarizes the reason behind Silestone’s existence in our lives.

Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold

Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold exuberate sheer elegance with a touch of nature. Inspired from the original Italian Calacatta marbles, it is an ideal pairing with any décor. Its unparalleled elegance is easy to see in grey colour with thick veins, which are very nicely spread over the slabs. Eternal Calacatta Gold accomplishes two purposes at once- space optimisation and increased property value; you have every good reason to have it in your home and workplace.

Silestone Serena

Etched on a greyish background with soft veins, Eternal Serena quartz by Silestone restores equilibrium with radiance to suggest that your rooms receive ample light and stay sophisticated at the same time. You can select either of the two finishes to provide aesthetic effect and also to preserve this stone for an eternity like Suede and Polished.

Silestone Iconic White

Silestone Iconic White quartz is a new material from Cosentino that replicates the snow that is reminiscent of freshness and natural style and flair. A Silestone Iconic White surface is ideal for splashbacks, floorings, and for kitchen worktops which is the absolute final choice both in terms of superior performance and unique and long-lasting looks.

Silestone Snowy Ibiza

The soft undertone veins of Snowy Ibiza quartz expand on creativity, while the grey texture brings exquisite features for a traditional or modern décor. Its durability withstands heat, cold and accidental impact protection. Snowy Ibiza also portrays authenticity when practically applied but it can vary from extra large size to ultra thickness to expose the reality of your project.

Silestone Lyra

Lyra quartz by Silestone is a privilege that a customer would feel honoured to bring home. It is simply an outstanding creation of man made for surfaces with a zero porosity. Other advantages include the absence of micro faults caused by tensions. Such defining features make Lyra different in the surface industry.

Silestone application tips

Besides being the most flexible material for decorative construction, Silestone is available in many sizes and thickness varieties at approves suppliers such as MKW Surfaces in London or any other dealer who is authorised to work with Silestone products in the United Kingdom. Silestone offers an available warranty of 25 years on its products when they are purchased through an approved supplier.

You can apply Silestone in halls, bathroom walls, sauna, and other areas. Upon application, you will notice the décor possibilities that you haven’t thought of before.

Try combining it with wooden furniture and a stainless steel stove, the sight is just splendid. Silestone comes in multiple finishing options.

Silestone iconic white
Silestone iconic white Silestone snowy ibiza Silestone lyra Silestone eternal calacatta gold Silestone serena