Bathroom renovation costs/design help required


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I am seeking advice from the forum. We have a 2 BHK flat in Mumbai. Both the bathrooms(common and ensuite) have not been updated since the building was built and we want to renovate and re-style them. The problem is that they are very small (Around 2 ft wide and 3.5 feet long)

The renovation costs quoted to us to re-do them both is around 2,50,000.

We would like to minimise this cost at the same time make them aesthetically appealing. Can someone help me on the following points:

1) To minimise costs, we want to buy the fittings ourselves.—Jaguar Fusion has been recommended t us. Since we are trying to manage this remotely from outstation, is there an online site we can buy fittings from at a discount? Are there any other brands which other same quality as Jaquar but cheaper?

2) A large part of the cost quoted to us is to build granite counter for washbasin and under counter storage. To save on the same and for aesthetic reasons, we want to install PVC vanity? Is this durable and a good idea in a small, wet bathroom? Can anyone recommend online dealers/ sites to purchase?

3) Will a glass door partition make sense in this small space? We want to do way with shower curtain since it looks tacky. Since this is very cost intensive, any sites where we could buy ourselves?

4) Since the bathroom is small, should we use the same tiles on walls and floor? Or same colour with different patterns? Would beige be a good choice?

Thanks very much. I look forward to some suggestions and advice.