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Decorative Night Light

Abigail Naylor


  • Bottle
  • Sponge or scissors to get the label off
  • Battery-powered lights


​Decorative lamps that you can create by using empty and different colored bottles.

15 minutesDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Your materials

​Grab together all the stuff you need

Step 2: Label

​Remove the label from your bottle

Step 3: No stickers

​To get rid of stubborn well-glued labels, put the bottle into some warm water and use either a sponge or something hard like scissors to rub it off

Step 4: All gone

Your bottle is ready to go ​

Step 5: Lights

Feed your lights into the bottle bit-by-bit​

Step 6: Done!

Switch off your main lights and see your night light at work.​ You can use different coloured and different sized lights if you wish. 

Using more than one bottle in combination with each other will create a much more pleasant appearance.

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