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DIY Candle holder

Emil Krogh


  • Wooden pegs
  • Empty food tin
  • Adhesive lining paper
  • String (optional)
  • Candle


Candle holder using wooden pegs

10 minutesDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Materials Needed

You'll the pegs, a piece of decorative, adhesive paper and a tin can

Step 2: Cover the can

Use the adhesive paper to cover the aluminium with a different pattern and make it more appealing.

Step 3: Exactly

Your job will be easier with adhesive paper on one side

Step 4: Pegs

Secure the individual pegs

Step 5: You can cover the can with string

If you're not interested in bright adhesive paper you can also use some string

Step 6: Adding Pegs

Same process as with paper

Step 7: Almost finished

Once the candle is placed in, You're good to go.

Step 8: It's really easy to do

With a few candle holders you can get some really pleasant lighting.

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