DIY unique hanger idea

Lisa Hudora


  • sleeve gate valve
  • Ball valve
  • clutch
  • wall disk
  • ceiling angle
  • Tube double nipple
  • Plug


​Wouldn't you like a wardrobe which is unique, stylish and completely DIY? Here is a DIY project with which you can beautify your home. 

3 hoursDifficultyEasy

Step 1:

This wardrobe keeps up and you can see it: Robust material from the gas and water installation is  screwed to a unique wall wardrobe. Galvanized pipes as well as valves and couplings made of brass and solid screwed valves give this good piece the special look ... totally rustic.

Step 2:

Handbags and jackets do not hang on hooks or temples, but rather on bright red valves. Strictly speaking, they are socket gate valves, as they are known from the garden area or the garage. The valves can be adjusted easily when screwing with the couplings and pipes in the desired position - straight or rather slightly inclined.

If you prefer this wardrobe with green accents, replace the gate valves with angle seat valves - they have a green handwheel.

Step 3:

Depending on how many valves you use, you need a corresponding number of couplings to screw the valves to the pipes. The technical term for the double-sided zinc tubes used here is tube double nipple. At the hardware store, these tubes are available in various dimensions from four centimeters to two meters in length.

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  • Bhumi Patel
    Such a unique idea. Thanks for sharing