DIY colourful home entrance

Lisa Hudora


  • Wooden Crates/Old drawers
  • Different sized pots
  • Art pieces
  • Photo frames
  • Lamp
  • Old chair
  • Old table
  • Paints of several colours


Colours are the most essential part which you need to select wisely when creating a new home or redecorating the old one. Here is a very creative and colourful DIY idea which will give your house the spotlight it deserves. 

5 hoursDifficultyEasy

Step 1:

​Colours can add a wow-factor to your home as it is a treat to the eyes to be greeted by lots of colours, provided the colours you choose are soothing to your eyes and not the bright one's. Here is how you can add some colour and fun into your home decor without any commitments. 

 You can use old drawers of different sizes from your worn out night stands and paint them all with different colours. If you have wooden crates, more useful. If you have none, you can create them yourself using wood planks using adhesive. 

You will also need an old wooden chair or any other 4-legged table which has to be coloured as well. 

Next, you need to arrange them as shown. Use different sized pots and place them wherever tray they fit into. You can also use other decorative materials like photo frames, signs, lamps, vase etc to decor this part of you home. 

If you have more ideas, do comment below.  

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  • Bhumi Patel
    So creative. A very different idea. Thank you so much for sharing.