DIY hanging shelves

Bhumi Patel


  • Rope cord
  • drill
  • Wooden Cork
  • Wooden board/ plastic baskets/ metal boards


​One of the best way to spruce up any decor is by adding hanging shelves. In my new project, I will teach you an easy and quick method on how to create these hanging shelves with ropes/cloth belts. These shelves are multi-functional and can be used in variety of ways. It can be used as accent pieces or as design elements that suits all the spaces like bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms. 

1 hourDifficultyEasy

Step 1:

​It is super easy to make your own hanging shelves with any sort of materials like wooden boards, plastic, metals etc. You can find any of these materials at any local store. But all you need to make sure is that the material you use should not be very heavy. 

Step 2:

If you are using wooden boards, you need to drill four holes in each corner of the wooden board and then tie the rope to that so that you can hang the shelf​. Adjust the length of the chord according to how low or high you want the shelf to hang. Use a chic looking wooden cork instead of a nail to hang the shelf.

Add all your favorite decor pieces to the shelves according to the room that you are using it in. For example, fruits, cookery books etc for your kitchen, pots, art pieces or frames if in the hallway. 

You can also drill a hole of the size of your pot using a drill for more chic look.

Step 3:

Your multi-functional hanging shelves are now ready. 

These shelves not only look trendy but also allows you to better organize your spaces and display all sorts of things. 

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Did you like this project?