DIY: Hand painted fruit basket

Abigail Naylor


  • Tape
  • Acrylic paint
  • Spray paint
  • Round sticky note
  • Marker
  • Brush


Although the wooden fruit basket is good-looking, it always feels less personal. If you like colorful colors, you may try to decorate the fruit basket with acrylic paint and spray paint to make this seemingly ordinary thing more attractive: )

30 minutesDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Think about the style you want

Before you officially start, you must first think about the theme of painting. This time I want to draw lines of different thickness, so I chose to put paper tape on the fruit basket.

Step 2: Apply tape

After thinking about the thickness and spacing of the lines I want, I put the paper tape on the fruit basket, and I will apply acrylic paint and spray paint in the middle of the tape.

Step 3: Make a shape with a round sticky note

 want to have a cute semi-circle at the corner, so I use a semi-circular post-it on the fruit basket and then draw it with a pen. I will then use the brush to pick up the acrylic paint for a semi-circle shape

Step 4: Color!

Add the color you want between the tapes, this time I chose purple acrylic paint with gold spray paint.

Step 5: Remove the tape after air drying

After finishing the color, let the paint and the paint completely dry, then carefully peel off the tape.

Step 6: Bright finished product

After the tape is peeled off, the colorful fruit baskets that are exclusive to you are done!

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