DIY: How to make papier mache



  • Flour
  • Water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Newspaper


Surely you have seen many crafts and decorative pieces made of paper mache, even the piñatas are made basically with this technique. The paper mache technique is very old, it is said to have its oriental or Asian origin, and in Europe it was first used in the 15th century. The paper mache in Mexico is known to make masks, ornaments, sculptures on paper and of course piñatas! 

Take note, here we are going to tell you how to make papier mache to create your own piñatas, crafts, decorative pieces and to make crafts, all you want! 

This papier-mache tutorial is for both children and adults...

30 minutesDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Prepare the mixture with flour, water and a little salt


To create the mixture that will paste the newsprint, you need:

- Two cups of warm water

- A cup of flour

- A pinch of salt


1. Pour the ingredients into a container.

2. Mix them until they are completely dissolved, without any lumps.

3. Achieves a consistency, neither too thick nor too liquid, as in the photo. The consistency is more or less like liquid white glue

This mixture of flour and water is called paste and with it you can stick and paste and paste newspaper almost on any surface: plastic, wood, cardboard, metal, etc.

Step 2: Newspaper in pieces

Once your paste is ready, you can start working and create your own papier-mache crafts. You will need the star material: newspaper.

To work and paste better with the paste, it is necessary to cut the newspaper into pieces. 

Step 3: Paste newspaper with paste

Once your newspaper is cut into pieces and the paste ready, you can start creating your pieces of paper mache. You can create what you can think of: plates, mirrors, papier-mache jewels, decorative figures, papier-mache lamps and, of course, piñatas. The newspaper with the paste can be applied on balloons, plastic plates, plastic bottles, wood, etc. 

1. Pasting procedure:

In the example, we choose a balloon: go placing one by one the pieces of newspaper, and with your hands or a brush, stick the newspaper around the globe.

2. Layers of newspaper:

Important is to stick several layers of newsprint, minimum 3.

Step 4: With paper mache you can create the shapes you like!

With the paper mache technique you can create the shapes and shapes you want: from fish, lizards, stars, fairies, etc. Be creative and enjoy making paper maché crafts ...

Step 5: Papier mache in boxes

Another way to use the technique of papier mache is in cardboard boxes so that they harden and are more resistant. 

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