IKEA hack: Transforming HEMNES chest of drawers into a bathroom cabinet

Kyle Chambers


  • HEMNES Chest of drawers with 2 drawers
  • Table electric saw
  • Knobs


We tried everything at home, but under our little sink we couldn't find a piece of furniture the right size with the right look. For this reason we decided to go with a simple IKEA hack. We bought the HEMNES chest of drawers and placed in the bathroom with appropriate changes.

2 hoursDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Our bathroom

This was a simple IKEA bedside table but another one could do. We needed a storage unit to take advantage of the space under our sink and this solution was perfect.

Step 2: The sink

The sink had this shape so before mounting everything we took measurements. Using a marker we marked the shape that the top panel had to have. If you don't have an electric saw, it is possible to have a carpenter cut in the area at a low price.

Step 3: After cutting

Thanks to some accurate measuring it fits perfectly

Step 4: Personalization

We made a small personalization. Here are some more Mediterranean style knobs.

Step 5: Result

For a great low price we got a perfect piece of furniture for our needs.

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