DIY Ikea hacks: Picture frame into Jewelry box

Bhumi Patel


  • 2 deep picture frames
  • Hinges and Screws
  • Sponges
  • Cardboard box
  • Velvet cloth
  • Hot glue gun


​Linda loves​ shared with us this fabulous IKEA hack project which makes your everyday life super easier by tucking your jewelry collection into the IKEA Photo frame. 

1 hourDifficultyEasy

Step 1:

Use Frame 1 for the bottom of the jewelry box

1. Cut a piece of cardboard and 

2. Stick it under the frame 

3. Use the rinsing sponges to organize the jewelry inside the box.

4. Use a velvet cloth for preparing the inlays. 

Step 2:

5. You can use hot glue gun so that the fabric does not get soaked with the glue.

6. Cut the velvet pieces such that it covers the sponge pieces and then glue it around them.

7. Glue the velvet cloth in the bottom of the jewelry box.

8. Depending on how the jewelry box will have to be divided, test the sponge pieces by organizing them neatly inside the box.

Step 3:

​9. Glue the sponge pieces one by one in the box.

10. Remove the floor of the picture frame 2 and then glue the glass using the hot glue. Screw together both the picture frames. 

Step 4:

​Your jewelry box is now ready. Comment below if you like this idea. If you have such ideas, do post them ​here.

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