DIY: 1 sheet plywood table

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  • 3/4" Plywood
  • Miniwax Polycrylic
  • White paint
  • Screw Set
  • Circular saw


​Ben from ​Home Made MODERN has shared with us this fabulous DIY project which is designed in such a way that it is made out of a single 3/4" plywood sheet  and also does not require any CNC machine. 

1 dayDifficultyMedium

Step 1:

First, all the cuts are made with a circular saw​. 

For this project, a furniture grade 3/4" plywood is used and the strips are cut accordingly. Please refer ​here for more details on cut measurements. You can use a ruler to mark the cuts and then cut them using a circular saw. 

Use sand paper to slightly round over the edges of the pieces.

Next, start the assembling process by gluing the 4 pieces that would make each of the legs. You can add a couple of finish screws from the back side (not necessary though).

After that, glue and screw the support pieces together.  Once the glue is settled on the support pieces, you can assemble the entire leg. 

Now cut triangular pieces from the corners of the plywood. This is done for two reasons, one, aesthetic reasons and two, support for the inside of the table. 

Next, lay the legs out on the upside down of the table top and then measure the pieces that are going to create the inside frame and help support the table top. Glue and screw all the connects to the legs.

Paint the base and the top part of the table with a white paint and then glue the base table to the table top. 

Your DIY plywood table is now ready. You can view more such DIY projects at ​Home Made MODERN

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