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Traditional doors or Sliding doors?
Which one do you think is the wonderful option for a family home with 2 toddlers ?
Natalia Roy
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Plan my Home Decor Within a Month
Hi DIY people, I sooo need your help in furnishing my new home. I will be moving within a month. Could you help me navigate the process of furnishing my home within a month? All suggestions welcome.
Natalia Roy
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Cultivate the kitchen storage space more efficiently
I am a homemaker and my kitchen is too small. I spend most of the days time in my kitchen. I am planning to re-design my kitchen and therefore I need help with the DIY ideas on how to use the storage space of my kitchen. All suggestions welcome.
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Advantages of buying wooden table for home
I am planning to buy this wooden table. Is it a good idea? Should I prefer the wooden table? Or a glass table? Please suggest.
Ruby Peterson
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