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How do I use these chairs?
I've just picked up two gorgeous chairs from an estate sale, but, as there are only two of them, I don't think I can use them round the dining table. Do you have any suggestions for what I might do with them?
Thank you for your advice.
Abigail Naylor Avatar Abigail Naylor
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Kids bedrooms

Hello homify,

so I am expecting my first child soon, and want to know any tips for creating a bedroom that they will not soon outgrow. I also do not know the sex, so something that would suit either a boy or girl!


Victoria McCoy Avatar Victoria McCoy
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Hanging cabinets
My boyfriend and I tried to hang cabinets in our kitchen, but we are kind of failing. Some of them went in fine, but on this one, the things that hold the screws into the wall (those plastic things- not sure what they're called) just keep coming out.  Here's some pics. What are we doing wrong? and what should we do? Help!
jennalauritsen2 Avatar jennalauritsen2
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