Patio surface

​Basically I have concrete outside of my patio doors and I was wondering whether I would need to smash it up in order to add slabs, or whether I could just build on top of it?

I have attached an image of it to try and help. Any suggestions and help on this as this is all new to me would be appreciated.


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Could you help me with a design for a wooden chair

​I need some designs for wooden chairs, that I can inspire from!

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Filling hardwood floor gaps between slats.

​Any helpful tips on how to fill a gap between the boards in my hardwood floor?

Rose Elizabeth
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How to make my wood floor shiny?

​My wooden flooring looks dull and the wood has lost the shine. Any home remedies to restore hardwood floors?

Sophia Washington
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How to clean my greasy chimney

​It has been almost a year that I cleaned my kitchen chimney and it has developed a thick layer of grease. Any easy method to clean up the grease? 

Yesha Sagar
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Decorate my house on a budget

​I have decided to re-decorate my home but my budget is low. Any home interior ideas for low budget?

Holly Tuck
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How to clean front loading washing machine

​There is a lot of yucky buildup and has unpleasant smells after some washes. How can I avoid this?

Yesha Sagar
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What flooring is good for my bathroom?

​I am looking for a flooring which is waterproof, less expensive, safe as well as stylish. Any suggestions?

Holly Tuck
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What type of fabric should I use for my bedroom curtains?

​I am confused about the fabric that I should use for the curtains in my bedroom. My bedroom is very bright as the sun comes right through the window early morning. 

Rose Elizabeth
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How to decorate my small balcony?

​My balcony is super small and I want to decorate it in a very simple way such that it should work for all the seasons. May it be summer or winter. 

Marta Zordan
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How to get rid of water spots on the mirror?

​It is so inconvenient to see these water droplets everyday. It leaves my mirror with these water spots staring at me. How to get rid of them? 

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How to remove rust from stainless steel?

​All my bathroom accessories like the showers, basin tap, knobs are made of steel and if unused, starts rusting. Any DIY suggestions to get the rust off the metal?

Marta Zordan
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Basic home repair tools?

​Hello DIY lovers, any suggestions for a list of home repair tools that every homeowner needs?

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How to get rid of spiders and cobwebs?

​I clean my house every week and the most annoying ones are the cobwebs. I always keep my windows closed but the spiders never fail to make webs. What do I do to get rid of them?

Jane Wolfson
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Which colour to choose for my accent wall?

​Hi guys, I am planning to renovate my house and I am confused about the wall paints. I was thinking of painting all the walls with a fairy white colour and the accent of each room with a different colour. Any suggestions?

Annie Doyle
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My wooden bathroom door is peeling off from the bottom

​Hey guys, my wooden door is peeling off from the bottom and the wood also bloats in the winter. Sometimes, it is really difficult to open the door because of the bloating. Any DIY fixes? 

Note: I do not want to replace the door

Jessica Pinto
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How to get rid of bed bugs?

I brought an old bed from my friend which was effected with bed bugs. Now they are everywhere, my couch, other beds, pillows and cushions. It is now my biggest problem as my family and me have lost sleep and are sleep deprived. Please suggest me DIY remedies to get rid of bed bugs. ​

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How to grow basil indoors?

​Any suggestions on how to grow Basil and how to keep it alive indoors?

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Clean my leather car seat

​My car has off-white leather seats which are turning brown especially near the head area. Any suggestions on how to keep my leather seats pristine?

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