How to close holes in the ceiling with plaster
How do I use these chairs?
I've just picked up two gorgeous chairs from an estate sale, but, as there are only two of them, I don't think I can use them round the dining table. Do you have any suggestions for what I might do with them?
Thank you for your advice.
Abigail Naylor Avatar Abigail Naylor
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Kids bedrooms

Hello homify,

so I am expecting my first child soon, and want to know any tips for creating a bedroom that they will not soon outgrow. I also do not know the sex, so something that would suit either a boy or girl!


Victoria McCoy Avatar Victoria McCoy
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Hanging cabinets
My boyfriend and I tried to hang cabinets in our kitchen, but we are kind of failing. Some of them went in fine, but on this one, the things that hold the screws into the wall (those plastic things- not sure what they're called) just keep coming out.  Here's some pics. What are we doing wrong? and what should we do? Help!
jennalauritsen2 Avatar jennalauritsen2
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are bed nets 'tacky'

hi homify....i really want to put a bed net above my bed; my friends tell me they're tacky but i kind of like them, and think they make being in bed even more cosy. what do you think. beth

bethanyportus Avatar bethanyportus
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Blind/shutter length
I miscalculated when buying these blinds from IKEA. Now they hang too short of the length of my window, resulting in the gap you see in the picture. I don't think there is a way I can bring it lower.. So.. Any suggestions as to how i can fill this void? Thanks...
rachelburke Avatar rachelburke
Boring courtyard
I think I have the most boring courtyard ever … I have no idea how to decorate the space. Please, any suggestions!?!
Holly Tuck Avatar Holly Tuck
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Hide my shed
I have this shed in my garden which I need to hold my tools, but I don’t like how it looks in the yard. Moving it isn’t an option, do you have any tips on how to hide it?
Emil Groh Avatar Emil Groh
Kids carpet
Hi! I'm looking for a fun, colourful carpet to put in my class room for the kids to sit on during story time. Any suggestions?
christinevogler Avatar christinevogler
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Colour inspo
Hey guys, My flat is looking a little dull, and I think its time we added a little colour. Any ideas on how best to go about this? My girlfriend and I are terrible at decorating!!
williammray Avatar williammray
Electrical outlets
I have a whole series of botched electrical outlets in my flat (which I rent). How can I cover these up without having to fix them myself? I guess any cheap decoration ideas would be ideal.
Kyle Chambers Avatar Kyle Chambers
What do you think of these shutters in Barnes?

Window shutters have always been a great space saver and in this recent fitting we did in the beautiful Barnes area we had the perfect solution for a client with a tiny little bay window that needed the right window dressing option.

Read the full article here!

Plantation Shutters Ltd Avatar Plantation Shutters Ltd
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how to paint and decorate a not plastered facade?

owners can't afford to renovate the terrace and I want to decorate it

Лепа Ката Avatar Лепа Ката
i need a holiday!
hey so i know you guys feature amazing homes from around the world, and  as winter sets in, i will need to get away! any hot tips for holiday spots i might have not thought about? thanks!
Davet Parent Avatar Davet Parent
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How can i decorate my bathroom interior by installing shower doors?

Top trending ideas to update your bathroom interior easily and affordable.

Home Fashion Avatar Home Fashion
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how to improve bathroom appearance with glass shower doors?

i am going to install glass shower doors for bathroom any one suggest me best type of shower doors and new trends of glass shower doors

aldus6962 Avatar aldus6962
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What hardware is needed for hanging a full-length mirror?

A heavy mirror presents special mounting challenges given its combination of weight and fragility. Picture-hanging wire is durable, flexible and strong which makes it an ideal material for supporting the weight of a mirror. Hanging wire is available in several gauges, so purchase the sturdiest wire you can. It’s better to spend a few extra pennies to make sure the mirror is secured than to save a few and risk seven years of bad luck.

Miley Cyrus Avatar Miley Cyrus
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an interior design project

Here is the description:

The design was for a medium size room, perhaps a small apartmente,
perhaps in NYC or another major city. It is no older than 10 years. Its 2
most distinctive features were:

1. The layout was defined by a strong cut with an oblique line.

2. The intersecting wall left an open space to one side and to the
other a number of closets, a kitchen, perhaps a bathroom... all of it
behind cupboards similar to this:

The floor plan scheme was something along this lines:

If anyone has a clue, I'll be extremely grateful.
Thank you.

Sr. Avatar Sr.