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What are the combination of bed and bath, If glass shower door is frameless?

Vitrocsa glazing systems have the slimmest frames and tracks which are recessed within the flooring, ceilings and surrounding structure to give the appearance of a framless door but with the thermal insulation qualities that are lacking in frameless systems.

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how to paint and decorate a not plastered facade?

owners can't afford to renovate the terrace and I want to decorate it

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i need a holiday!
hey so i know you guys feature amazing homes from around the world, and  as winter sets in, i will need to get away! any hot tips for holiday spots i might have not thought about? thanks!
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How can i decorate my bathroom interior by installing shower doors?

Top trending ideas to update your bathroom interior easily and affordable.

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how to improve bathroom appearance with glass shower doors?

i am going to install glass shower doors for bathroom any one suggest me best type of shower doors and new trends of glass shower doors

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What hardware is needed for hanging a full-length mirror?

A heavy mirror presents special mounting challenges given its combination of weight and fragility. Picture-hanging wire is durable, flexible and strong which makes it an ideal material for supporting the weight of a mirror. Hanging wire is available in several gauges, so purchase the sturdiest wire you can. It’s better to spend a few extra pennies to make sure the mirror is secured than to save a few and risk seven years of bad luck.

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an interior design project

Here is the description:

The design was for a medium size room, perhaps a small apartmente,
perhaps in NYC or another major city. It is no older than 10 years. Its 2
most distinctive features were:

1. The layout was defined by a strong cut with an oblique line.

2. The intersecting wall left an open space to one side and to the
other a number of closets, a kitchen, perhaps a bathroom... all of it
behind cupboards similar to this:


The floor plan scheme was something along this lines:


If anyone has a clue, I'll be extremely grateful.
Thank you.

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Should I use the Full Lenght Mirror in my bathroom?

Everyone want to decorate their house in elegant manner.But sometimes, it is difficult to choose about a thing that it is adorable for me or not?I am also a little bit confuse about using full length mirror for home improvement in my bathroom.If anyone has idea about this can you Please suggest me what should I do?

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What Are The Suitable Fabrics For Fabric Walling?

Fabric suppliers have a variety of upholstery as well as non-upholstery fabrics that can be stretched on your walls. Our highly skilled team is always available to guide or advise on the best options of fabrics.

Fabrics to be used on walls are chosen depending on a few things, which are: 

The flexibility of the fabric

The fabric weight

Opacity of the fabric (some fabric by their transparency require a liner)

The color of the fabric

Fabric synthetic or natural material (natural fabrics provide better protection from heat or cold)

The rigidity or elasticity of the fabric (rigid fabrics are easier to sew)

The placement of the fabric

The atmosphere and feel to be created

Fabric walling can be a way to coordinate your décor with your furniture and the rest of the room.
Natural fibres fabrics that can be used for waling include: cotton, linen,
. silk , Bamboo, wool,  cashmere
. etc 

Synthetic fabrics that can be used for walling include: acetate,  acrylic, polyamide,  polyester.

As for a silky look, fabrics such as satin, silk or velvets are all wonderful options.
In addition, fabric walling is known for its acoustic and soundproofing capabilities.

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Remove wax stain from wooden table

​I knocked over a candle last night and the whole wooden table is full of wax. Is there any way I can get rid of it without damaging the table?

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Spontaneous market buys
So, I went a little crazy at the flea market and I bought this rocking chair, couch and foot stool for an absolute steal. It's been 6 months, and they're still sitting in my garage.. It seemed like a good idea at the time to attempt this crazed DIY thing, but I'm stuck. I don't know what to do, and I don't have access to many tools. Can someone please help!?
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My apartment needs greenery..
This is the only plant I've been able to keep alive in my apartment. I'm not home much, but I would really like to see a bit more greenery when I do come home. Any suggestions for low maintenance plants?
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To keep, or remove?
I'm on the market for a new home - one which I intend to renovate. I'm having issues deciding if fireplaces are still in fashion, and whether or not it's worth keeping? I've attached a photo of what remains. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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Mess in my freezer

​I moved into a new apartment, everything was great and very neat. But when I took a look into the freezer of my new fridge, I was shocked by the mess in there! Judging by the smell and colour of the of the frozen mess it seems that someone left a bottle of beer in there which exploded and caused the mess.

What do I do now? Defrost? Or are there other tips?

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How do I get rid of these wood stains

​Good morning, I wanted to know if there's a way to get a stain off this wooden bench. I do not know what caused the stain but I've rubbed it to remove the stain from the wood and it does not come out at all. I tried with detergent, vinegar, hot water and nothing. What can I do?

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Im about to renovate my kitchen as i have just purchased my first home. I love to bake and cook so ive chosen this room as the first to be renovated, and i really want to get this one right. Any hot tips??? thanks, Elizabeth
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Scratched table

Hi, the other day I had a heavy pile of cookbooks on my table and when i slid them across they left a huge scratch. How do I get it out? The table is teak and I recently bought it used.  I have tried the wood oil that I usually use, but it didn’t help at all. It’s an old table, and there aren’t any other big marks like this on it, so there must be some way to remove it.

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How to prevent paint peeling

​This table is in my party area and sometimes it ends up in the sun. I would like to know if there is any way to prevent the paint from peeling and how to paint this wooden table again at home.

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