What Are The Suitable Fabrics For Fabric Walling?

Fabric suppliers have a variety of upholstery as well as non-upholstery fabrics that can be stretched on your walls. Our highly skilled team is always available to guide or advise on the best options of fabrics.

Fabrics to be used on walls are chosen depending on a few things, which are: 

The flexibility of the fabric

The fabric weight

Opacity of the fabric (some fabric by their transparency require a liner)

The color of the fabric

Fabric synthetic or natural material (natural fabrics provide better protection from heat or cold)

The rigidity or elasticity of the fabric (rigid fabrics are easier to sew)

The placement of the fabric

The atmosphere and feel to be created

Fabric walling can be a way to coordinate your décor with your furniture and the rest of the room.
Natural fibres fabrics that can be used for waling include: cotton, linen, . silk , Bamboo, wool,  cashmere . etc 

Synthetic fabrics that can be used for walling include: acetate,  acrylic, polyamide,  polyester.

As for a silky look, fabrics such as satin, silk or velvets are all wonderful options.
In addition, fabric walling is known for its acoustic and soundproofing capabilities.

Mille Couleurs London
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Remove wax stain from wooden table

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Spontaneous market buys
So, I went a little crazy at the flea market and I bought this rocking chair, couch and foot stool for an absolute steal. It's been 6 months, and they're still sitting in my garage.. It seemed like a good idea at the time to attempt this crazed DIY thing, but I'm stuck. I don't know what to do, and I don't have access to many tools. Can someone please help!?
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Annie Doyle
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Mess in my freezer

​I moved into a new apartment, everything was great and very neat. But when I took a look into the freezer of my new fridge, I was shocked by the mess in there! Judging by the smell and colour of the of the frozen mess it seems that someone left a bottle of beer in there which exploded and caused the mess.

What do I do now? Defrost? Or are there other tips?

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Abigail Naylor
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Im about to renovate my kitchen as i have just purchased my first home. I love to bake and cook so ive chosen this room as the first to be renovated, and i really want to get this one right. Any hot tips??? thanks, Elizabeth
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Does anyone have any advice or experience with salt damp or mould? 
We removed the external render from our walls, and found that it looks a little something like this... Are we to treat it before re-rendering or painting? I'm afraid that it'll just seep through if we don't take the appropriate steps... Help!
Danielle Gill
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new loungeroom
so my partner and i have just extended the living space in our home, and want to invest in a high quality couch. we love modern, but are indecisive on what to pick. any help in the right direction would be great
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Small indoor gym

I have very limited space in my apartment, but I want to install some gym equipment. It’s likely it’ll go inside the bedroom with me, so I need some suggestions for like planning and spatial layout with a bedroom come gym. Any clues?

Kyle Chambers
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How do I clean wood window blinds?

Looking for Ideas to clean window blinds for customers convenience.​

Impress Blinds Ltd
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Patio surface

​Basically I have concrete outside of my patio doors and I was wondering whether I would need to smash it up in order to add slabs, or whether I could just build on top of it?

I have attached an image of it to try and help. Any suggestions and help on this as this is all new to me would be appreciated.


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