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Hello homify,

so I am expecting my first child soon, and want to know any tips for creating a bedroom that they will not soon outgrow. I also do not know the sex, so something that would suit either a boy or girl!



  • NuCasa Avatar NuCasa
    Congratulations Victoria! I bet you are very excited, and brave deciding not to find out the sex before hand. Good on you! Wall decals can provide a fun design element to any children's room, and they won't break the budget! We have a good selection but if are looking for something gender neutral then this would be perfect (and adorable)
  • That's wonderful and exciting news! One option would be to have a starting point of white that is fresh and clean (and super-easy to touch up after scrapes and scuffs!) and then add in splashes of bright colour. Either pops of red which suits girls and boys, or a mixture of brights. (There's a picture in our profile of a nursery with this in mind). If you prefer a more subtle approach then white with splashes of pastels also works well. You can create the colour from shelving, from furniture, lampshades or from the accessories and even toys that children love. This way, the room can grow up with the child without too much adaptation from you. We hope that helps with some ideas and wish you all the best.
  • Congratulations Victoria, what an exciting time for you!

    We love nurseries and children's rooms.  Using a lovely soft duck egg which works perfectly for a boy or girl.