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Decorate my house on a budget

​I have decided to re-decorate my home but my budget is low. Any home interior ideas for low budget?

Holly Tuck Avatar Holly Tuck
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What type of fabric should I use for my bedroom curtains?

​I am confused about the fabric that I should use for the curtains in my bedroom. My bedroom is very bright as the sun comes right through the window early morning. 

Rose Elizabeth Avatar Rose Elizabeth
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Home interior design tips for a Couples Apartment
Me and my boyfriend are moving in together. It is a big step in our relationship. I want it to be perfect. I know that a bachelor’s room is different from a girl’s apartment, and bringing the two together can create chaos. I need your help and therefore could the DIY lovers please suggest some basic home interior design ideas for an apartment, taking into account the styles and needs of both the man and woman, without letting one overshadow the other.
hena.jeffrey Avatar hena.jeffrey
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Interior design tips for my home
Hello DIY lovers. We have a family home which was renovated recently. I plan to design the interiors myself. Can anyone suggest me few tips that I need to consider while designing my home?
Emily Avatar Emily
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Curtain suggestions for my window
I recently moved to my new house and this is my favorite spot in the living room and I want to decorate it right. Any suggestions as to what kind of curtains would go with this one? Thanks in advance.
naomi8 Avatar naomi8
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Decorating my living room
I'm having real problems with my living room. We're first time home owners and so this is the first time we've been able to experiment with our tastes. However, I have no idea how to finish this room off. We have no real 'look' and I'm at a loss of what to do. I don't even know how to describe the look of the room to get ideas from Pinterest! I'm not a big fan of blue but my husband really likes it and doesn't want to change it. Plus, we have a baby on the way so we have to be practical to some extent. Any suggestions would be great. I don't really like velvet and fake fur.
Rose Elizabeth Avatar Rose Elizabeth
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Lights in my kitchen dining room
We are building a house and have an open plan kitchen/diner/lounge. We have the lounge sorted for lighting but my dilemma is whether to put pendulum lights over the breakfast bar and the dining table or just the one. Also if I should do the lights on both should they all match?
hena.jeffrey Avatar hena.jeffrey
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Help in interior design for my flat 184 M
Hello people.. This is the floor plan of my new home. Any specific suggestions as to design my interiors? Would be helpful. Thanks in advance. I appreciate your help to advise me.
Helen Avatar Helen
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