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Hanging cabinets
My boyfriend and I tried to hang cabinets in our kitchen, but we are kind of failing. Some of them went in fine, but on this one, the things that hold the screws into the wall (those plastic things- not sure what they're called) just keep coming out.  Here's some pics. What are we doing wrong? and what should we do? Help!
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Scratched table

Hi, the other day I had a heavy pile of cookbooks on my table and when i slid them across they left a huge scratch. How do I get it out? The table is teak and I recently bought it used.  I have tried the wood oil that I usually use, but it didn’t help at all. It’s an old table, and there aren’t any other big marks like this on it, so there must be some way to remove it.

bethanyportus Avatar bethanyportus
How to make my wood floor shiny?

​My wooden flooring looks dull and the wood has lost the shine. Any home remedies to restore hardwood floors?

Sophia Washington Avatar Sophia Washington
Filling hardwood floor gaps between slats.

​Any helpful tips on how to fill a gap between the boards in my hardwood floor?

Rose Elizabeth Avatar Rose Elizabeth
Basic home repair tools?

​Hello DIY lovers, any suggestions for a list of home repair tools that every homeowner needs?

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My wooden bathroom door is peeling off from the bottom

​Hey guys, my wooden door is peeling off from the bottom and the wood also bloats in the winter. Sometimes, it is really difficult to open the door because of the bloating. Any DIY fixes? 

Note: I do not want to replace the door

Jessica Pinto Avatar Jessica Pinto
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