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21 lovely little gardens you can easily copy

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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If you have a hankering to get out into your garden and express yourself creatively, but feel a little unsure as to what you can do with a small outdoor space, take heart! 

We've found some amazing small gardens that should not only inspire, but directly instruct you how to get the most from your little slice of heaven. From quirky planters through to delicious decking, we have a host of ideas that you should be able to emulate in a weekend.

Grab your gardening gloves and prepare to muck in!

1. If plants baffle you, simply plant a bed of something colourful and eye-catching!

2. A table and chairs are sometimes all you need to enjoy the great outdoors

Hamberg House, Richmond, London: modern Garden by London Atelier Ltd
London Atelier Ltd

Hamberg House, Richmond, London

London Atelier Ltd

3. Don't try to level out an uneven surface. Use it to your advantage and make a feature of it with some steps

4. Decking and a gazebo will make even the smallest garden feel far more high end. Start training some climbers and it will be a green utopia in no time!

5. You can create some small, easy-to-manage beds by lifting some patio slabs

6. For an injection of all year round colour, funky planters make perfect garden theme dictators. A few of these would be all you need!

Bespoke, galvanised powder coated planters : modern Garden by Gardenplan Design
Gardenplan Design

Bespoke, galvanised powder coated planters

Gardenplan Design

7. If the idea of maintaining a garden fills you with dread, don't! Go for a small wild garden instead

Porthcothan Responsive Home: modern Garden by Innes Architects
Innes Architects

Porthcothan Responsive Home

Innes Architects

8. Try making some simple pallet seating and cover it with bright, colourful cushions for an impactful yet easy garden

Contemporary Garden - North London: modern Garden by Earth Designs
Earth Designs

Contemporary Garden—North London

Earth Designs

9. Even steep small gardens can be a real asset. We love this multi-level stone haven that incorporates spiky trees perfectly

Small Garden with a Very Steep Slope: modern Garden by Yorkshire Gardens
Yorkshire Gardens

Small Garden with a Very Steep Slope

Yorkshire Gardens

10. Bark chippings make light work of creating a neat and beautiful small garden space

A Modern Garden with Traditional Materials: modern Garden by Yorkshire Gardens
Yorkshire Gardens

A Modern Garden with Traditional Materials

Yorkshire Gardens

11. Dramatic wood fencing and white raised beds are a match made in minimalist heaven

Cool but Funky, Contempoary Garden: modern Garden by Yorkshire Gardens
Yorkshire Gardens

Cool but Funky, Contempoary Garden

Yorkshire Gardens

12. Use a variety of materials to make your garden seem bigger. Slate with wood, brick and foliage all looks great here!

modern Garden by homify

Small town garden


13. You can have it all in a small garden. Just look at this space, complete with seating and a lawn…

14. Prevent mess and clutter shrinking your small garden further by keeping everything neat and contained

Garden design and build courtyard, Bicester, Oxfordshire: classic Garden by Decorum . London
Decorum . London

Garden design and build courtyard, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Decorum . London

15. Shingle is the perfect choice for neatening up a bed. We like the idea of copying this, especially the herbs!

16. Define each part of your small garden and no functionality will be lost. Have a space for dining and one for seating, with potted blooms separating the areas

17. Add some height if you can't add size to your small garden. Working over multiple levels will make your outdoor area seem much bigger, even with a simple scheme like this

18. Even a tiny terrace can be a wonderful garden if you choose the right fencing and some eye-catching plants that bloom beautifully

19. A rock garden can be perfect for beginner gardeners who worry about killing plants that are less hardy

Gwel-An-Treth, Sennen Cove, Cornwall: modern Garden by Laurence Associates
Laurence Associates

Gwel-An-Treth, Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Laurence Associates

20. Easy to build brick beds will always look gorgeous in a small garden and you can tailor them to your dimensions perfectly

Felsted Place: minimalistic Garden by Aralia

Felsted Place


21. When in doubt, add a little of everything. Shingle, decking, patio slabs and potted plants all look amazing here. Copy that and you'll have a winning space!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Inspirational Front Garden Designs.

Did any of these ideas plant seeds of inspiration?
Whitton Drive:  Terrace house by GK Architects Ltd

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