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We put a lot of effort and finance into making the interior walls of our home beautiful, unique and fashionable. However, the first impression made to visitors is in fact the external facades. It is the outer shell that is exposed to the environment, and offers a taste of what can be expected inside. Especially this time of the year, as the days get shorter, and we see less and less sunlight, the lighting of the exterior plays an important role. Special care taken in lighting reminds us that winter is not so bad, and it looks especially pretty when glowing in the snow. As external lighting gives passers by or visitors and external impression of our properties, it is also important to note the impact of lighting in our gardens, and even our pools. Outdoor lighting is much more than simply hanging a light-bulb beside the front door, as you will see in this ideabook on outdoor lighting ideas to make your home glow all year round.

Coloured outdoor lighting ideas

Through the simple addition of some coloured lighting carefully placed at the base of the trees surrounding this property, instantly our imaginations begin to divert to a magical place full of colour and character. We see here an example not only of beautiful garden lighting, but also a glowing interior, which beams into the dark distance. Modern architecture increasingly draws an open plan living design, allowing the interior to breathe, and be bathed in natural light during the day. The external facades of this home are made almost entirely of glass, inviting light in during the day, and allowing light to glow from outside at night. This glow with the varying external lights give this home a fairytale theme.

Conservatory at night

It seems in this space that after dusk, the more lights the better! Not only is the entrance of this home completely illuminated, but so is the garden, almost as bright as the sun itself. The perfect way to maximise time spent in the garden on those warm, balmy summer's evenings, this space really comes alive at night. When it's time for lights out, small night lights that line the path to the front door can be left on for the late night party goer's arrival home.

Illuminate the details

Another unique display outdoor lighting design, is this home in Hamburg, as it sees the finer details of the façades, which are highlighted with the simple addition of lighting facing skyward from the ground. The completely renovated façade is classical, and elegant in appearance. With such a detailed exterior, why not let its beauty be known both day and night?

Shape forming light

Light is the creator of shapes and shadows, and lighting designers take full advantage of the myriad of shadows that can be cast with smart lighting design. This carefully planned lighting arrangement offers a warm welcome to those approaching the front door, and effects such as this make a big impact, with little effort.

Cosy outdoor lighting ideas

Outdoor lighting works in many different ways and evoke many different emotions, one of them being a feeling of a warm, and cosy atmosphere. A fine example of this feeling can be seen in this image. Lamps on the exterior of the house have been arranged in such a way that only a subtle shimmer is present. The red brick of the home makes the lamps glow a slightly muted, understated red. With this tone, the house appears to be extremely welcoming and inviting, asking us in for a cup of tea in the conservatory, by the fire.

Traditional outdoor lighting

Many of us will agree that there is nothing more romantic than the soft flicker provided by the flame of a candle. They are a great idea for introducing a unique atmosphere for our terrace or garden in the summer. For the cooler months, you can rely on big gas lanterns, which although are not quite as romantic, they still allow us to be outdoors when the cold sets in. Not only are they decorative, they are a cheap alternative to other outdoor lighting options. On top, they are better for the environment. A win-win solution for a small romantic outdoor space.

Neon pool

This illuminated pools reminds us of the different aspects of outdoor lighting available. Let your pool become the centre of attention at night, as well as the day, especially with an eye-catching colour scheme such as this purple, pink and blue palette.

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