12 Incredible Ways to Use Wallpaper in Your Home

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Gone are the days when wallpaper was something that only featured in palaces and luxury homes. Modern wallpapers come in a variety of patterns and colours, allowing homeowners to match them to suit décor themes or to create a particular mood in a room.

If you are looking for different ways to use wallpaper to add flair to your home, these 12 designs might give you a few ideas.

1.​Elegant Elevation

Stairway walls are often the most neglected spaces and are prone to getting dirty due to the high footfall. Using printed wallpaper is an easy solution for brightening up the area and making the dirt and grime less noticeable.

​2.Pleasant Welcome

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If you have a plain wall in your foyer, you can jazz it up to make it more welcoming by using wallpaper with a soothing print.

3.​Cosy Comfort

Bedrooms should be relaxing not stark. Instead of plain white walls on all sides, you can change it up by using wallpaper on one of the walls. The brown patterned wallpaper in this bedroom adds cosiness and warmth.

​4.Sophisticated Wall Décor

If your living room wall is too small for a large painting, using wallpaper with an elegant design can add sophistication. In this professionally designed room, the vertical print on the wallpaper also visually enhances the ceiling height, making the area appear larger.

5.​Refreshing Foliage

This predominantly green and white bedroom gets a dash of charm with the use of wallpaper with a foliage print. It blends perfectly with the wood tones of the flooring and wall cladding to create a forest-like setting.

6.Rose Garden

When your bedroom window looks out on to greenery, you can bring the same theme into the room using printed wall paper. In this bedroom, the floral motifs on the wallpaper create a lovely green ambiance that makes you feel like you are relaxing in a rose garden.

7.​Luxury Motifs

How do you add an air of luxury to a bedroom? Wallpaper with a regal gold motif running through it creates a grand look in this room. It resembles a bedroom in a palace or luxury hotel!

​8.Picture Perfect

For those who love coordinated rooms with a single colour dominating the furnishings and décor accessories, wallpaper helps to achieve the look effortlessly, like in this bedroom, where the purple floral print on a dark wallpaper blends with curtains and accent cushions of the same colour.

9.​Touch of Tradition

For a home with traditional design, using wallpaper with a block print presents an interesting element without making the room seem too old-fashioned.

10.​Stylish Texture

Sometimes texture makes a world of difference to a room. In this home, textured wallpaper creates the perfect backdrop for showcasing the exquisite antique furniture.

11.​Faux Scenery

If you have a room without a window, use wallpaper to distract from the lack of a view. Wallpaper with silhouettes of trees helps to create a pleasing backdrop in this room, while bright paintings add to the distraction.

12.Soothing Ambiance

Usually, bathrooms are the most cramped rooms in a home, and while you don’t want to spend too much to renovate them, you still need them to look pleasant and airy, especially when guests step in. Wallpaper comes to the rescue by adding notes of freshness through soothing colours and prints.

Which part of your home would look incredible with a wallpaper makeover? For more ideas on using wallpaper in your home, see this ideabook.

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