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Calling all DIYers, it’s time to get to work on that gloomy looking bathroom. All it takes is some paint, primer, sandpaper, a few hand tools, and some dedication and time to give that tired-looking bathroom the fresh new look it deserves. 

Don’t be afraid to call in a professional to help with some of the more intricate details, whether it’s for painting or decorating – and remember to have fun!

1. Getting ready

First we need to clean out that bathroom. This means removing window treatment, soaps and shampoos, items stacked on the vanity, shower curtains and rod, and all loose elements. 

Remember the outlets and switch plates, soap- and toothbrush holders, and all things attached to the walls.  

Keep those outlets and switches clean and paint-free by sticking painter tape over them.

2. Get rid of those stains

Should your old vanity, window moulding, baseboard, or crown moulding have stains, first treat them to a decent sanding to remove any sheen. This will help for the primer to stick properly. 

Don’t rush in sanding any shaped moulding, as you don’t want to sand down any of the details.

3. Priming

If you are planning on changing any hardware, use wood putty to fill up the old cracks and/or nail holes in case the hardware doesn’t line up. 

With the sheen properly removed from all necessary surfaces and ensuring everything is dust free, it becomes time to prime the vanity and trim. Remember to prime the walls as well should you plan on painting them a lighter colour.

4. The painting step

Remove all drawers and vanity cabinet doors that are to be painted. 

If you’re a professional DIYer, feel free to remove the window- and door trim, baseboard, and crown moulding to either paint or replace. 

When painting the walls, first use a brush for those hard-to-reach areas, such as the ceiling corners, and around the windows and doors. Then follow this up with a roller to finish the walls.  You should apply at least two coats of paint to cover the old colour.

5. Spruce up that vanity

It’s time to tackle that vanity with a good semi-gloss paint (a bright colour for the vanity and trim/moulding will instantly cheer up a dull bathroom). Remember that time and patience is important in order to get that professional look. 

With a decent paint brush, paint in long and continuous strokes that all flow in the same direction. When it comes to the vanity’s panel doors, follow the wood gain on the vertical stiles and horizontal rails. 

Using the same technique, paint the window- and door moulding with nice and long, even strokes.

6. Final touches

Painting done? Right then, time to finish up your fresh new bathroom. Replacing the vanity hardware with new updated handles and hinges will definitely enhance the newly painted doors and drawers. 

But while you’re at it, opt for some fresh new window treatment as well: some blinds for privacy, and light curtains for an open and airy feel.  

If you have a shower tub, opt for a new plastic curtain to hang inside it, and a light fabric outer curtain to help with a striking new appearance. 

Of course you want to show off your new bathroom space – but be sure you first know the: Guest Bathroom Essentials.

What tips can you add for sprucing up a bathroom?

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