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Outdoor lighting is a very beneficial tool in enhancing any home or outdoor space. Not only can outdoor lighting change the way something looks like but also provides the service of safety, contribute to nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, security, sports and recreation, social and event uses.

With such a variety of uses, you want to make sure that your home has the best possible lighting and for the purpose you desire. If you have a small courtyard, then simply lighting such as lamps and wall feature lights could create the perfect atmosphere, but if its a large garden that you would like to light up, then flood lights can really brighten up the look and for any occasion. Have a look at our examples below, in order to find what best suits your needs. 

Feature lighting

Night time in the Garden GK Architects Ltd Garden Lighting
GK Architects Ltd

Night time in the Garden

GK Architects Ltd

With a little bit of thought and design, any garden can come to life. This image from, GK Architects is a perfect example of this and we can see how light floods the garden with ease. There is always the option of using one really bright flood light in your garden, but this doesn't always give off the desired effect. Using lots of lights can mean we can highlight very dark areas, or areas we think could benefit from it. This garden shows how we can flood a space with light from multiple sources.

A true safety light

If you do want a real safety light for your garden, then this is one that will provide just that. It is something that is designed for safety above aesthetics. It provides a service, and that is to make us feel secure. It will come on when it senses movement in the garden and scares off any would be intruders. Simplicity at it's best is the key point to remember here. It is a light designed to serve a particular purpose and it does that well.

Post flood

A flood light doesn't have to be fixed to the house, or above a door. In this instance we can see that this flood light is a post and it provides the same service. The difference with a light like this one is that it is moveable. It has the flexibility to go wherever you need light. So even the darkest corner of the garden can be lit up with ease, and provide peace of mind.

Box light

We all have dark corners in our gardens. Those little odd areas that seem shadowy when we look out from the windows in the house and can't quite make everything out. It is these corners that need illumination more than anywhere else. A small floodlight, like the one pictured here, is perfect for such a space. It stops the corner becoming a place for trouble makers and gives the garden a lovely ambience.

Flood while we dine

This is such a lovely image. The dining table is mirrored outside and inside, meaning you can eat outside if the weather allows. This is a narrow space, that could get very dark at night, leaving a feeling of  insecurity. The addition of a flood light really adds to the sense of security. And it doubles as a regular outside light for dining on darker evenings. The perfect use of any light.

Contemporary flood light

With contemporary design, we need to have a light that compliments this space. It would look wrong to have a bright and harsh floodlight in this area. The light used here, not only fills everywhere with light, but looks visually stunning too. The blue tones help bring the whole of the patio to life and make it feel vibrant. The pattern lights up the wall as well as the roof, giving a really visual effect.

Multidirectional lighting

Flood lights tend to light one area and light it very well. They are exceptionally bright and designed to stop intruders. People can quite often forget about fence areas, which can be dark and easy to forget about! This little post flood light can make all the difference to a fence. It beams out in three directions to offer multidirectional lighting and would look wonderful at night, as well as making our garden secure.


When it comes to lighting our properties, we have the choice to make it look anyway we like. A flood light isn't limited to being high up. This flood light looks natural during the day and completely unobtrusive. Come night time, it lights up beautifully allowing light to shine everywhere. Merging real stone with the technical elements of light, gives the perfect balance between nature and illumination.

Pink tones

We don't want to always think of light in white do we? Here we can see these floodlights are in a very bright pink and look amazingly different. The fact is they can be in any colour and add a real sense of uniqueness to any home. These lights light up the entire side of the house and the stairs too. It looks visually very beautiful and would act as a deterrent too. A perfect combination.

Lunar lighting

We are in love with these orbs. They are a version of flood lighting that is unobtrusive and looks elegant. These would look amazing in any garden on a patio, perhaps, and look stunning. They act as a great source of light and it floods out in all directions. A lovely option and light to finish on.

For a different outdoor lighting experience, have a look at our Ideabook: 5 spectacular garden lanterns

What type of outdoor lighting do you have in your garden? Let us know in the comments section!

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