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3 Eye-Rubbing British Home Makeovers

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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Some of these before pictures really gave us cold shivers, but the way these depressing and neglected rooms were transformed left us a warm, glowing feeling inside.

Today we're bringing you some British homes that had seen better days, but were then treated to some of the most stunning makeovers we've ever seen. We're giving you fair warning; you might be tempted to get the kitchen planners by the end of this article!

1. Before: Sad and lonely

Awful. What else can you really say, other than we think we can smell the foist from here.

A dark carpet, heavy curtains, old-fashioned everything and a total disregard for room proportions all makes this a nightmare!

1. After: Inspired adaptation

We really had to check that this was the same room… it is! With the hallway removed to bring the front door into the living room, so much more light now pours into the area, totally transforming what was here before.

Fresh, modern and bright, this literally couldn't be anymore different and we adore it.

2. Before: Nothing to see

There's nothing at all to see here, with this clearly being part way through a kitchen revamp. However, when you consider that any building works are usually an improvement on what was there before, this must have been a truly dire space.

It still looks a bit dingy in here, but hopefully that will change…

2. After: Hold the phone!

We really weren't expecting this! We might have thought that a nice, pretty kitchen would be added to the formerly dark spot but this is something else.

Large, luxurious and with a delightfully elegant colour on the cabinets, this modern/traditional hybrid kitchen ticks all the right boxes. Plus, with that new breakfast bar, we don't think the owners will ever be out of this room!

3. Before: Cluttered family nightmare

We all recognise this scene, don't we? A busy, cluttered kitchen that is obviously home to a growing family, but that doesn't stop us from hating it.

With little to no organisation, old-fashioned cabinets and a fridge that is giving us a migraine just from looking at all those magnets, this is a room in dire need of a makeover!

3. After: Mellow yellow

Ermm… where did the overbearing clutter and total lack of storage go? We can't believe what an incredible transformation this is and are in love with the cabinet colour!

Daring and bold, with a black counter and stylish new set of French doors, we think this is the most dramatic of all three makeovers. We'll be honest; it has us looking at new kitchen brochures.

For more transformation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Before and After: Magic Garden Tricks.

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