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Modern Family garden in North London Earth Designs Modern garden
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Watching our children grow up can be one of the most rewarding things in our lives. Watching them learn, develop their own personalities, and become an individual is comparable to nothing else. We all remember our own childhood. Growing up, making new friends, playing our favourite sports, our favourite toys, getting up to no good, being outside until after dark, weekends spent getting dirty, and week nights refusing to do homework! We all want to make the best life for our kids, and make it as fun as possible for them. With a few little extra touches, these UK experts have found some ideal ways to implement fun filled ways to keep kids entertained, and maybe ways for us to even relive our own childhood! So, for the young ones in your home, or for the child within, check out these decorating and lifestyle tips for a child friendly home.

Camping trip

KIDS TENT BEDROOM CABIN BED in White Cuckooland Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs



For many, childhood summers meant camping holidays! As soon as school was out, mum and dad packed up the car, and set out on the road for a summer filled with sun, meeting new friends, the beach, and balmy nights spent sleeping in a tent. Once summer was over and school returned, the camping gear was washed and packed away, and forgotten about until next year, when we would do it all over again. However, we can let our kids live out this memorable time of their childhood year-round in a quirky kids room such as this one designed by Cuckooland. Here we see a camping inspired room any youngster in your clan would be proud to call their own. The Tent Cabin Bed is sure to be the centrepiece of any children's bedroom, and bring out the adventurous spirit in them. The handmade bed features a cloth side wall which acts as an annex to the bed when opened up, and can be rolled down to keep out pesky brothers and sisters. It also includes a trundle bed that rolls out from underneath, perfect for sleepovers.


Every child dreams of owning their very own treehouse; the perfect headquarters for the neighbourhood clan. As it seems, owning a treehouse is a dream of children and adults alike, as we often see adults and couples living out their childhood dream by building a fully functional house in the canopy, such as in this treehouse.

However, the treehouse in this image is suitable only for kids, the perfect retreat away from mum and dad. The almost hobbit style cubby house looks like it has been plucked straight out of a fairytale, from a land far away, full of mystical creatures. Simon Archer Sculptor is the creator of this fine piece of craftsmanship, who creates treehouses with a central core element of a hollowed out tree trunk, with a cut out door to access the deck above; or as the kids may call it, the watchtower for their fortressed city. As each treehouse is a bespoke piece, additional elements such as swings, slides, or even sky bridges can be incorporated into the design.

Chill out zone

Just like adults, kids also need time to themselves. If only we had a small chill out zone like this in our bedroom when we were kids! The small cushioned pods allows the little ones to climb in a take some time out, read a book, watch a programme on the iPad, or simply climb in and be away from the outside world for a moment. This ideal children's bedroom features in a luxurious family home in the stunning West London suburb of Holland Park. A creation of award winning interior designers Roselind Wilson Design, this room features bold colours, modern design, and even incorporates a tiny rock climbing wall!


Modern Family garden in North London Earth Designs Modern garden
Earth Designs

Modern Family garden in North London

Earth Designs

Save the kids the trip to the local playground, and space permitting, bring the playground into their own backyard, to be the envy of all the kids in the neighbourhood. Built by Earth Designs, here we see a playground full of hours of fun. A playground at home will help kids be more active, and encourage them outside, instead of spending time in front of the television or computer, an all too common occurrence in many households. Active kids are healthy kids, and healthy kids are happy kids.

Rocking chair

Little LEIVARS LEIVARS Eclectic style nursery/kids room



A beautiful setting fit for any interior design magazine! Who wouldn't love to let their young ones spend their days playing and discovering in this playroom? Lots of natural light beams in through the windows, and the neutral colour tone along with the pale blue, the timber furnishings and toys means this room would suit any modern home with young children.

Rainy day fun

This kids media room belongs to a family home in Richmond, London, which is a complete refurbishment of a house from the 1930s. The London themed room features a neutral colour tone, and is then decorated in the famous bright red of London's buses. The added blue of the floor rug, with other cute decorations such as the double decker bus, mushroom and flag , indicate this is a gender neutral room; one where brothers and sisters can both hang out watching films or t.v and not feel like they will catch boys or girls germs. The neutral tone of the paint and flooring also means this room can be redecorated and changed, developing and growing as the kids do. If you have children, and feel like your home could be a little more suited to their needs, we hope this ideabook has inspired you to create a setting your children will cherish.

What is your most cherished childhood memory? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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