10 totally adorable cosy little kitchens

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Sooner or later, we all experience a bit of downsizing in our lives. Whether it’s a growing family that’s gobbling up space or skyrocketing real estate prices that forces one to move to a smaller (and more cost-effective) residence, going from bigger to smaller happens to all of us.

Whatever your particular reason is, we know the pain of being faced with a smaller space that still requires a decent load of functionality and style – problem is, how do you manage to fit in both into an area that has restricted dimensions? 

Once you start thinking creatively, you’ll realise that there are actually quite a few ideas to help maximise that small space. And, of course, a little inspiration can always make a big change, such as our article today that helps you style up that modest little kitchen of yours!

1. Keep it calm

An abundance of pattern and colour is a no-no when it comes to a small space; thus, rather focus your passion for full on vibrancy on another bigger room. 

See how this modest kitchen above got away with its limited legroom: patterns were reserved for the floor, kept out of the direct line of vision, and the colour palette is a clean and neutral marriage of neutrals. 

Looks easy enough, right?

2. A homely vibe

Little Cream Kitchen Hallwood Furniture Classic style kitchen
Hallwood Furniture

Little Cream Kitchen

Hallwood Furniture

There is something decidedly homely and charming about the country style. Is it a throwback to our younger years of getting spoiled in our grandparents’ kitchen? A reminder of Mum’s mouth-watering and made-with-love food? Who knows? 

Just have a look at this dreamy little cottage kitchen, above – its vintage appliances, cream-coloured cabinetry, and timber countertops just seem so warm and inviting that we completely overlooked the fact that it’s not huge or spacious!

3. Add some lived-in charm

Whether it’s big or small, a cosy kitchen is the one that looks (and feels) lived in. And this comes from décor and furniture pieces that speak of personal significance. 

A framed photograph of a loved one, some fresh-cut flowers that was brought with love, plus some clever kitchen lighting fixtures to highlight these, and more, are sure to turn your tiny kitchen into a charming one.

4. Double-duty pieces

Charm can only bring you so far; brains will have to do the rest. There is a reason why double-duty furniture pieces are sought-after options when it comes to freeing up more space – because they work! 

Because this kitchen doesn’t have enough space for a permanent dining table, its designer opted for a pull-out model that can disappear equally fast when some additional space is required.

5. Be clever with colours

Yes, the right colours can pop and add some visual space – but do not even think about adding more decorative pieces or furniture in family-friendly tones to make your kitchen seem bigger.

Rather zhoosh up your current necessities, such as this bright yellow (and very vintage) kitchen, as well as the retro-style wallpaper, both of which slap a big and stylish smile across this small kitchen’s face.

6. There’s always room for freshness

A handful of fresh plants and flowers is a quick way of jazzing up that kitchen, whether it’s big or small. 

Find some spots for them where they can be noticed without being overtly visible, such as occupying a small shelf underneath the cabinetry, or forming part of the centrepiece of your kitchen table. 

The additional scents that accompany those potted pretties are just icing on the cake.

7. Be farmhouse fab

The West Sussex Kitchen by deVOL deVOL Kitchens Country style kitchen
deVOL Kitchens

The West Sussex Kitchen by deVOL

deVOL Kitchens

If a kitchen renovation is on the cards, may we recommend the farmhouse / country style? It's a hot look right now, and certainly makes a statement, regardless of that kitchen size. 

See our example, above: those neutral tones go a long way in making the kitchen seem clean and open, while the additional elements (such as the butler’s sink and timber cabinets) help to turn this area into a wonderfully homely and appealing space.

8. Vertical personality

Just because that kitchen is a tad small doesn’t mean you can’t add some personality pieces to it. If the floor and countertops don’t allow for any décor, go vertical by opting for some wall art and floating shelves. 

Need a kitchen planner? How about a floorer or interior designer? Our professionals page can help…

9. A light palette

Pale tones and lots of natural light can instantly add some visual space to that small kitchen – just ask the Scandinavians, who have blessed us with the Nordic design style that can turn any tiny room into a space filled with charm and character. 

Don’t forget to complete the look with some stylish lights, a few plants, and a handful of pleasant accessories.

10. Tiled delights

And last but not least – the floors. Bring in some patterns and colours with tiles (the stick-on kind can work if you’re on a budget) to draw the eyes downward and allow your (and your guests’) vision to take in the entire room, from floor-to-ceiling – this will make the room seem more spacious than it actually is. 

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Which tips will you use to visually upsize your kitchen?

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