10 tasty kitchen wall ideas for every British home

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There’s no shame in admitting a struggle with interior decorating, particularly when it comes to kitchen walls. We know the kitchen is a work zone, but it also functions as a stylish socialising spot (if you have the space to spare, that is). 

So, to help you out of this unfortunate situation (and put some tasteful inspiration back in your life), we are taking a look at ten terrific tips when it comes to zhooshing up those kitchen walls. 

Let’s kick this off with one of the most functional and practical décor pieces: shelves and hooks.

1. Shelves and hooks

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Colour by Numbers


Make your kitchen stylish but in a useful way: add some shelves and hooks to help you with your appliances and décor pieces. 

This is a heaven sent option for those of us who have not been blessed with lots of cabinetry.

2. Cubby shelves

Got a bit of that DIY spirit in you? Then why not carve out some clever little wall shelving instead of nailing them to your walls? Just watch out that you don’t go too deep and hit any electrical wiring or plumbing. 

And once you’ve carved out a tasteful little shelf, line it with your favourite material. May we suggest some charming timber, as shown above?

3. Curtains

Did you know that curtains are not just intended for windows? Well, you do now – they can also hide an unsightly wall, or just add some glamour if you feel a space really needs it. 

Make sure you opt for a thick curtain that flaunts a textured quality. Either nail it directly into the wall, or add a window cornice on top to make it appear as if there’s a window hiding behind that curtain.

4. Chalkboard

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Always misplacing that to-do list? Can’t find your shopping inventory?

A chalkboard against the wall instantly solves these problems and also adds some bold character, as that black surface goes with any additional tones that your kitchen is already flaunting.

5. Add a headboard

Does this count as cheating? Well, we won’t tell if you won’t.

Buy a nice, big headboard and display it with pride against that open kitchen wall. It is sure to draw a few “oh, wows” from your guests.

6. Some wall tattoos

Wall tattoos or decals are trendy ways of spicing up a space. So, what would look perfect against that bare kitchen wall of yours? Your favourite recipes? Some inspiring quotations?

7. A hanging lamp

A striking kitchen lighting fixture can also style up your room, but forget the wall sconce and opt for a hanging ceiling lamp instead.

This can do a lot to highlight the wall. Just ensure that wall has a good paint job, preferably in a colour that complements the lamp.

8. Wall fabrics

Wall art encompasses so many things, not only paintings and framed photographs. If cloth hangings are your thing (or you want to opt for something different in your space), then go for it.

This is a quick way to add some colour, texture, and pattern to any room.

9. Magnetised surfaces

Running out of storage space for your pots and pans? Two words: magnetised walls.

This ensures a very striking (and practical) look for your kitchen. However, may we suggest that you only opt to do this with a handful of cookware as opposed to them all to avoid a cluttered look?

10. Wine rack

Hanging Glass Rack and Wine Bottles Holder Finoak LTD Modern kitchen Cabinets & shelves
Finoak LTD

Hanging Glass Rack and Wine Bottles Holder

Finoak LTD

Wherever there’s time, there’s time for wine – even when you’re cooking. So, treat that blank wall (and yourself) to a stylish wine rack to ensure a touch of sophistication (and a good time) in the kitchen. 

Here on homify, we are all about fabulous ideas – such as: How To: Incorporate A Wine Cellar Into Your Home.

Got any more ideas to style up that kitchen?

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