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Living in a cabin in the mountains is one thing, but this perfect modern home is so much more marvellous than just a rustic cabin. It’s more like a safe and secure cottage that is surrounded by nature and gorgeous views, a great escape for the contemporary nature lover! This home is attractive and sophisticated and could just be a great vacation home, or perhaps even that forever home of solace that you desperately need.


The façade of this modern cottage in the mountains is sleek and stylish, offering a different take when compared to the rustic woodland surroundings. The lattice security fence although gorgeous in structure, also adds a much needed safety aspect to this home that is engulfed by forest and greenery. The façade is simple and contemporary even at dusk.

Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen in this open plan living space creates a comfortable and stylish interior that is tidy and uncluttered. The neutral use of colour, along with the wooden flooring and counter brings that natural element to the room, while the stone fireplace adds a rustic touch that is chic and cosy. The room is bathed in natural light throughout the day, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


The dining room of this home maintains that same neutral colour palette that creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. The space is great for entertaining and socialising. Host a great family lunch in the heart of nature and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and the wonder of the woodland surroundings. The architects of this open plan living space that is almost encased in glass, realised that the evolving views of the outdoors throughout the day would make its own picturesque scenery.


The terrace of this home is a great spot for outdoor dining, it means enjoying the panoramic mountain views while drinking your essential morning coffee or how about extending your living space to the exterior of your home and have dinner under the stars. This area is both functional and romantic, and is elegantly lit by the downlights that deck the ceiling throughout the interior of the living space and the outdoors. These: 9 Fabulous and Super Smart Terrace Ideas might just be perfect for your home.

Living Room

The living room area of this home is decorated in the same neutral colour palette that was used in both the décor of the modern kitchen and comfortable dining area. The large earthy colour sofa is inviting and cosy, creating a fantastic and relaxing space to kick back and enjoy your favourite movie, or even catch a nap while admiring the beauty and greenery of the outdoors. It’s pleasant and pleasing to the eye in every way.


This bathroom has a brilliant and eye-catching appearance. Decked in all-white tiles it is creative and elegant, but what really makes the bathroom irresistible, is the views of the outdoors. Because this home is situated in the mountains, privacy is a non-issue, but the option to close the blinds and bathe in comfort and luxurious sophisticated style, something a home in the city is definitely not privvy to.

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