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​The tiny home revolution (8 things you MUST know)

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Two Bedroom Wee House The Wee House Company
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It’s a great, big world out there – but a spacious world doesn’t necessarily mean a spacious residence. And for quite a few folks, a tiny home is a dream come true.  

Tiny houses should not necessarily be associated with ‘cluttered’ and ‘cramped’ – or as a last resort, even. Because the truth is that not all of us dream of one day owning our own 7-bedroom mansion; a lot of people who resort to small-scale living these days are doing so for a number of reasons, including their love for the more modest lifestyle. 

Not having to spend a fortune on and maintaining a large house is just one of the benefits of tiny home living. Less time spent on cleaning; ridding oneself of unnecessary possessions; living more ‘green’; tighter family bonds – the list goes on and on. In addition, having less space can also mean having more time (and money) to pursue other hobbies, such as travelling.  

One can even start talking about the psychological toll of larger homes and how it affects its owners in terms of financial strain, less emotional freedom, etc. Or is that just fancy-sounding excuses thought up by those who can’t afford the majestic lifestyle?

A couple of things are certain, though: small and tiny can indeed be warm and charming. And personal taste does differ from person to person – and, thus, from family to family.

Whether you have your mind made up or not on the issue of small vs. large living, our list of tiny homes below might just entice you to rethink it…

A delicate little dollhouse

One Bedroom Wee House - Ayrshire The Wee House Company Classic style houses
The Wee House Company

One Bedroom Wee House—Ayrshire

The Wee House Company

We know that, like adequate space, aesthetics are also quite important. But this modest creation most definitely has nothing to worry about, for it flaunts a very welcoming façade of sky-blue wooden panelling, crisp-white frames for the windows and doors, and a quaint little patio.

​Charming country living

We grab another little stunner from The Wee House Company’s portfolio – and like we said, ‘tiny’ doesn’t have to mean ‘cramped’. With two bedrooms, a pitched gable roof, and a charming little lawn, this house also boasts a rural landscape as a stunning backdrop. 

Not a model that will fall into everyone’s taste categories, granted, but most definitely a winner for those of us who seek a quiet and toned-down countryside life.

The creativity of containers

Jumping on the tiny living bandwagon is container homes, which have been making a stylish splash in the architectural realm. Whether it’s a single container offering up a ground floor residence, or multiple units conjuring up a bigger alternative (such as shown above), there is no denying the appeal of these tiny-but-terrific spaces. 

Need some more convincing regarding container living? Then check out: The Coolest Ever Container Home!

​A sleek and stylish option

From charming to very, very chic, tiny homes can cater for just about everyone – even for those of us who require a sleek and stylish space. This gorgeous combination of wood, glass and metal hits all the modern notes, reassuring us yet again that it’s not the size that counts, but what you do with it!

From architects and designers to kitchen planners and painters, our list of professionals is sure to deliver the expert(s) of your choice – take a look!

​The house on wheels

This little timber beauty not only brings small-and-charming living into your life – it changes your surroundings whenever desired.

Catered for the soul who values independence and freedom of movement, this house on wheels presents a unique take on a pleasant lifestyle, yet doesn’t hold back when it comes to convenience and functionality.

​Striking in stone

Our small scale living options are not just limited to wood and metal – stone also gets added to the mix, for those of us who require some raw and natural beauty for our façades. 

And with a multitude of zig-zag glass doors that open up this little house above, that decadent outside landscape (and fresh dose of natural lighting) become instant décor pieces.

​Lake living

AR Design Studio- The Boat House AR Design Studio Modern houses
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- The Boat House

AR Design Studio

Just because you’re living small doesn’t mean you can’t have a fabulous view. Take this lake house, for example, which may take some space from its owners, yet gives back a fantastic lake view in return. 

A modern sloping roof, clear glass panes, a quaint little run-around terrace, a canoe – who says that tiny homes are only for the unfortunate?

​Incoming exterior beauty

Exterior Veranda Collective Works Scandinavian style balcony, veranda & terrace
Collective Works

Exterior Veranda

Collective Works

However small that house may be, a generous window / glass doors that allow the exterior surroundings to seep inside makes all the difference.

And if a beautiful patio, especially a dusty-toned timber (such as the one shown above), gets added to the mix, then we really see no cause for complaints.

How do you feel about ‘tiny home’ living?

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