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Artistic design ideas for your home

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Ah, home – that loving and safe place to rush off to at the end of every work day; where we’re known, loved, and accepted simply for being ourselves.

Home is definitely where the heart is, but it is also where you feel comfortable and relaxed – and what could be more comfortable than being your own unique, special, weird little self? 

To help you feel more at ease at home (translation: to make your interests and likes part of your home’s style), we have searched high and low for interesting little touches to make your home as extraordinary and fascinating as you are.

Whether you’re an avid fan of gardening, a lover of all things culinary, a secret artist dying to show his passionate side, a regular old bookworm, or simply like to include quirky touches around the home, these 11 ideas can help translate your personality (whether that’s wild and spicy, loving and charming, or simply cool and elegant) into your interior spaces.

Let’s see which one strikes a chord with you…

1. Flaunt your artistic side

Mountains and haze Pixers Eclectic style living room Multicolored

Mountains and haze


Doodle like a boss? A master when it comes to photography? Why not share your artistic talents by showcasing them in your interiors? But don’t just print and frame; go bigger – a lot bigger.  

PIXERS know about passions, which is why they are pros at printing just about anything on just about any flat surface – from photographs that get transformed into wall murals, to drawings printed on posters, tables, and desks. 

Best of all? With PIXERStick’s reusable and self-adhesive material, you can have any wall flaunt your art of choice in a matter of seconds (yes, even your own). And yes, it can be peeled off and moved to another location quite easily.

2. Get super creative with that nursery

Rabbit and the laundry Pixers Scandinavian style nursery/kids room

Rabbit and the laundry


If you have little ones, you’ll want to make it special for them right from the start. So, why not make sure their spaces are as unique as they are? Take their favourite animated characters/drawings and turn them into fantastic wall decals for their own rooms. 

With PIXERS’s hundreds of available images (and the option to upload your own), you can turn your child’s favourite characters into anything from window stickers and posters to standard stickers and wallpaper.  

homify hint: If your child is past the nursery phase, why not use his own drawings to decorate his room, making sure his space is as unique as can be?

3. Unusual planters for your greens

A glass vase is so last year – plus just about everybody has them. But you know what can be more unique than what your neighbour has? An old shoe serving as a planter. Or some vintage teacups. Or an old bicycle basket…

Just think outside the box and imagine what can be really extraordinary for your collection of greens (or just that one singular flower), and start planting!

4. Some wall gardens

RIBA Roof Terrace, Portland Place Biotecture Balconies, verandas & terraces Plants & flowers

RIBA Roof Terrace, Portland Place


Want to show off your love for gardens? Then do something a little more exceptional than a regular potted plant—such as covering an entire wall with some lush plants, perhaps? 

This is also a fantastic way of adding freshness to a small home where a great big garden is not possible. Just imagine those guests’ faces upon first entering your living room / terrace / wherever and seeing those plants and flowers splashed against that wall!

5. A floating coffee table

The Up Balloon Coffee Table silver Duffy London Living roomSide tables & trays
Duffy London

The Up Balloon Coffee Table silver

Duffy London

Call it ‘floating’, or view it as a table that’s simply ready to party, the point is this element in your space is bound to stand out.

Made from glass and steel, it looks most elegant and modern, yet flaunts a very light-hearted look – perfect then, right?

6. A very unique centrepiece

Is it a rug? Is it a coffee table? It is… well, it’s a combination of the two. Two things are certain, though: as this is a double-duty piece, it means it ingeniously helps you save up on space; and nobody will be able to ignore (and not comment on) this centrepiece in whichever room you choose to place it. 

A most exceptional touch, indeed.

7. A swinging dining table

​Swing Table 8 person Duffy London
Duffy London

​Swing Table 8 person

Duffy London

You’re an adult now, which means you don’t need to get off your outdoor swing to come inside for dinner if you don’t want to. Well, this unique dining set adds a swaying sensation to mealtime, meaning it’s the perfect addition for your home if ‘something different’ is what you’re after.

Do you know the: 10 Golden Rules Of Picking Out Your Perfect Dining Table?

Better take a look, then.

8. An oversized stitched-up sofa

They have finally decided to put a soft and charming spin on those elegant Scandinavian furniture pieces, and you get to flaunt them in your own home. These oversized cross-stitches add an exceptional touch to the braided birch-wood chairs, bringing both colour and soft comfort into your home, albeit in a more brilliant way.  

But what do these sofas and chairs say? That you’re a lover of cross stitching? That you like your furniture to be a cut above the rest? Who cares – these pieces are awesome!

9. A ship-shaped kitchen island

Island. Ship. Get it? Well, now you can finally flaunt your love for all things nautical in your kitchen – and do it with a sleek and stylish creation that puts a very unique spin on your regular counter surfaces. 

With this standing loud and proud in the centre of your kitchen, you almost don’t need any other pieces, as this one is sure to get all the love and attention.

10. A bookcase that’s very different

So, you’re a bookworm? Or you just love to show off your fantastic collection of famous authors? Well then, flaunt your passion for reading (or boasting) with an exceptional piece that is sure to elicit responses like “oh, wow” and “wait, what?”. 

Whether it’s placed against a wall or used as a space divider in an open plan area, this exceptionally shaped bookcase is sure to be one of the most unique pieces in your entire house.

11. A unique indoor garden

How do you show your love for gardening, plus tell people you can think outside the box? By including this clever touch that fills up that curious space underneath the staircase that people so often struggle with. Two birds, one stone!

Who says you can’t think creatively and be stylish about it as well?

Which of these ideas are must-haves for your home?
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