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Espaço Mínimo Eclectic style bedroom
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This home packs a stylish punch with complimentary patterns, bold colours, and elements providing visual interest around every corner. Edgy, fun, and upbeat, this interior design is enough to put anyone in a good mood, and a visual 360-degree tour though this home is packed full of creative surprises in each room.  These designers from Portugal know how to combine elements from multiple artistic eras into a modern, happy home!

Elegant Dining Room

Warm, golden tones of the wooden floor are complimented by the metallic golden patterns adorning these luxurious dining room walls. It's a small space, but it's definitely not boring! The white table and chairs along with the reflective gold paint brighten up the small room, helpful for creating some extra light in a space that is otherwise somewhat dim. The interesting composition of the room—with rectangular shapes in the hanging chandelier, oval shapes in the table and chairs, and an ornate, intricate pattern on the walls—makes this space into a surprising modern take on a Victorian-era dining room.

Bold Patterns in the Bathroom

This bathroom makes a statement with its bold crisscrossed purple walls that make a subtle reference to the disco themes of the 1970s. The simple design of the sink and cabinet free the eyes to absorb the full intensity of the colourful pattern, whose reflection in the mirror give the pattern a sense of continuity through the room without being overbearing. A small coloured pot with an orchid is all that is needed to complete the purple theme. 

Striped Floors

On the lower left, you can get a glimpse of the fun black-and-white hallway floors. This just goes to show that visual interest can be created in the least likely of places, and with some of the simplest patterns—these black and white stripes turn a simple hallway into a statement that is playful, timeless, and bold. The vertical closets are kept rather plain, allowing the patterned floor to shine, and the funky juxtaposition of the black and white stripes against the colorful Impressionist-inspired wall creates a daring artistic combo.

Impressionist Bedroom Walls

These walls combine soft edges with a natural rainbow of colours to create an impressionist-inspired look. Reminiscent of a Monet painting, this design fosters a feeling of peace and happiness. With punchy yellow and blue pillows, the calming design of the wall is interrupted—in a good way—by a solid, bold compliment. It's amazing what a few simple colours can do for a simple bedroom design. In this example, the bed is a quiet element, letting the bright colours and patterned wall speak for themselves. If you're looking for a more eye-catching bed, check out this ideabook, which showcases a diverse array of stylish and original beds. 

Modern Twist on a Classic Kitchen

The vertical blue and white stripes featured along the wall of the kitchen bring it straight back to the pin-up era of the 1940s. This classic looks is modernized through the use of smooth, clean white cabinets sporting their sleek stainless steel handles, along with the streamlined wooden countertop. The horizontal stretch of the kitchen counter is nicely offset by the vertical stripes, and warmth is added through the yellow tones in the counter, floor, and lights. This creates an overall look that is clean and fresh without losing it's old-school, comfortable appeal. 

Primary Colours and Bold Squares

Once again, this home brings the viewer back in time, this time to the 60s: bold primary colours and square shapes dot the landscape of this hallway and bedroom, creating a mismatched look reminiscent of the 1960s colour-blocking fashion trend. What's more, this design creates a dynamic sense of movement through the home, as elements from the hallway compliment the decorative elements of the adjacent room. 

Funky Living Room

This living room goes where many living rooms do not—the darker blue ceiling is an element that's difficult to pull of, the the height of the room and addition of plenty of light make this design fun. In contrast with much of the house, the living room displays no patterns on the wall, instead letting your gaze wander from the blue ceiling down to the straw hues of the floor and couch. This room is subtle in ways that the others are not, and this sets a lovely, neutral stage for the many people whose conversations will become the main attraction of the room.

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