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Tricks to boost your home's value

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Call it a fixer-upper, a makeover, or just adding a few touches; the point is, adding beauty and functionality to your home means adding more value to it, which is always a terrific thing, whether you are planning to sell in the near future or not. 

But believe it or not, adding value to a house does not entail robbing a bank first or putting yourself in debt. There are some quick and effective ways of sprucing up your property that are very budget-friendly – and we have them right here! 

Remember: you don’t need to implement all at once. But you do need to be aware of the changes that can make your home a better and more stylish living space, either for future buyers or yourself.

1. A fresh coat of paint

Whether you are opting for a dramatically different colour, or just adding some touch ups to those walls, a fresh coat of paint makes a big difference. But if a future sale is part of your plans, then push aside your love for candy red and rather opt for more neutral tones. 

And while you’re focusing on those walls, why not dedicate some time to patching up those cracks you’ve been meaning to get to? 

If a painter (or roofer, or carpenter, or just about any other expert) is what you’re seeking, then scope out our professionals page.

2. Increase your space

In these modern times, more and more people are opting for open plan living; thus, if your kitchen, dining room, and living area are divided by walls (and the lack of legroom is driving you nuts), it might be time to consider a change. 

But adding more space does not always involve tearing down a wall: it can also include turning that unused attic / shed into another bedroom / bathroom / games room / arts and crafts space. Or as simple as increasing your closet space.

3. A kitchen upgrade

Does your kitchen have enough room for working, cooking, and socialising? Is it possible to add in some more counter space, like a kitchen island or breakfast bar (which also doubles as a dining spot)? 

If space is not an issue, why not consider a few more appliances, or updating your current ones? Think of elements such as an extractor fan, a double-door fridge, or perhaps some touches that can increase your storage capacity.  

The point is: if your kitchen is both functional and comfortable, then you’ve done something right.

4. A bathroom boost

We use our bathrooms to clean up and make ourselves more attractive. It goes without saying, then, that no bathroom should ever elicit a response of “ewww”. 

Bathroom revamps encompass a world of possibilities, but the most important ones focus on working appliances (does that toilet flush?), clean spaces, adequate legroom, and ample bathroom storage capacity. 

homify hint: Make sure your bathroom exudes serenity and calmness. Neutral tones are always fantastic, but ensure that sufficient lighting is also included via windows and/or modern fixtures. And don’t skimp on mirror sizes!

5. Can that garden be better?

A garden can be so much more than the spot where you grow your flowers and veggies. If done correctly, it can become a prime socialising and relaxation spot.

Although not all gardens were meant to flaunt a barbecue, big patio, plush furniture, and a majestic swimming pool, it is the small touches and dedication to upkeep that make all the difference. 

Plus, prospective buyers are always interested in what a house’s exterior surfaces have to offer, particularly if children or pets are part of the equation. 

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6. Add some life to that living room

Living Room TG Studio Mediterranean style living room
TG Studio

Living Room

TG Studio

The living room is definitely one of the most used rooms, thus its space has to be designed according to its users’ personal needs. 

Does ‘comfort’ and ‘relaxation’ count as your needs? Then how about introducing a stylish fireplace into that room? Or a fancy unit for your television?

Are the furniture pieces striking and comfy? Do the floors (whether they’re hardwood or a plush carpet) make for a stylish and comfortable underfoot feeling?

7. Improve your energy-efficiency

New Build Part Earth Sheltered Split Level House in Truro Cornwall Arco2 Architecture Ltd Modern houses
Arco2 Architecture Ltd

New Build Part Earth Sheltered Split Level House in Truro Cornwall

Arco2 Architecture Ltd

Being energy-efficient is most definitely the future, yet we need to start now. So how about a few solar panels to help turn your house ‘green’? 

Solar panels definitely make a difference in terms of electricity bills, and are also a valuable selling point for your house. Even though the initial installation costs might be a bit steep, you will definitely feel that change in your pocket in the long run. 

homify hint: Want to start off small? LED lighting and dimmers are also budget-friendly, plus they’re regarded as both modern and trendy.

What other upgrades can increase a home's value?

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