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Ask any man if would he love to lay claim to his very own man cave at home, and the answer will most certainly be yes. What is it about man caves that men love so much? Is it simply having somewhere to escape to? Or is it somewhere to hold your treasured possessions, and show them off to all your mates? Maybe you love hosting parties, and think they're all the more fun, if held in a man cave? It could be some or all of the above, or it could simply be somewhere to express yourself. Of course, women need their own spaces too, which we have covered in previous articles here on homify, but there is something undoubtedly unique and fun about stepping inside a room dubbed the 'man cave'. So for our readers, male or female, these are a few simple reasons we feel the man of the house should be allowed a room to call his own.

A place to relax

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There is nothing more relaxing than coming home after a hard days work and being able to unwind in your own space. This most certainly goes for women as well. A man cave at home even has noted health benefits, one being relationship building; allowing time spent apart, because everybody needs time to themselves.

Show off his trophies

Boys love toys, and while the man of the house might enjoy showing off his brand new toy in the middle of the lounge room, we know this probably isnt going to fly. With a man cave in your home, these treasured items can be shown off for all to see, but this time in the right setting. Trophies, bikes, cars, sporting memorablia and other decorations probably dont look that great in other rooms of the house, but in a man cave, the more the better!

A place for self expression

Apart from being a great place to escape to, and a place for showing off your most manly posessions, man caves are also a place for self expression. A place to show off collector items, and a place for creativity to flow.

Game night

No man cave would be complete without a bar and tv for watching football and films. There is an unfortunate misconception attached to man caves of bygone eras; one of a dark dingy room with no ventilation, old pizza boxes and empty beer bottles. This example of the ideal man cave shows this misconception is long out the door, with an amazing bar, a rear projector, with a fully equipped home entertainment system, and all the other extras needed for endless hours spent with the lads.

Hosting parties

When the games not on, there still wont be any hesitation for guests to show up unannounced when a man cave looks anything like this. Why go to the pub to drink beer and play pool when it can be done in the comfort of your own home? The best part about it is, you won't have to worry about stumbling home! Hopefully we've given enough good reasons for you or the man in your house to be inspired to create a space all of their own, not only as a place to escape to, hang out with mates or show off prized possessions, but also in the name of a healthy relationship.

How would you kit out your dream man cave? Let us know in the comments below!

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