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5 modern houses (with their plans to give you ideas!)

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Bless the inventor of the architectural drawing (or house plan, or blueprint, or whatever name you choose to use), for they really help the creators (and everybody else who gets to view them) by putting things in perspective. 

Thanks to house plans, we get to see an entire world of information regarding that new structure, whether it’s a house, a church, or something else entirely. We get to discover if it’s an open-plan layout or not, if there’s space for a swimming pool, whether that patio opens up into the living room, etc. 

So, let’s take a look at five different house plans, and see how they compare with the finished end results. Some of them might surprise you…

House 1: The house plans

This wonderful home is a double-storey, but here we get to see the ground floor, which houses the open-plan living room/kitchen/dining space, as well as a bathroom and garage.

A staircase opposite the dining area leads to the floor above.

House 1: The finished house

Indeed, the end result is as spacious and open as the architectural plans predicted.

Concrete, timber, and glass all portray their modern parts with equal beauty, while an earthy toned colour palette ensures a stylish and clean look for this ground floor space.

House 2: The house plans

Next up, two distinct plans detailing a single floor residence; one showing us the open courtyard located in the middle of the U-shaped house, and the other focusing on the courtyard in relation to all the interior rooms. 

What materials were used for the courtyard’s flooring? Will trees really be added, or were they just drawn for emphasis? Only one way to find out…

House 2: The finished house

Wood and stone: two of our favourite building materials! While the stone helps add a delightful rustic look to the house’s façade, the wooden decking adorns the courtyard flooring with beautiful detail and texture. 

Through the glass doors on the left we can see the open-plan living room and dining space, seamlessly flowing into each other.

And yes, trees really were placed here!

House 3: The house plans

It would seem we have a most spacious one on our hands up next, with a very elongated layout incorporating a bunch of different rooms, as well as adequate space for movement, plus enough leftover room for a swimming pool and a front- and back garden. 

Let’s get a closer, more detailed look.

House 3: The finished house

Although we already knew that a spacious terrace and delightful swimming pool were part of the layout, it still manages to surprise us most stylishly. Creams and whites take control of the palette, enveloping the entire house’s exterior surface in a peaceful and tranquil embrace. 

Care to have a detailed look around the interiors? Then click right through to: A Space Of Minimalist Splendour.

House 4: The house plans

House plans don’t always spell out the information for us. As seen from this example, drawings of the furniture aren’t always included, leaving numbers as the only clues as to which room is where. 

Doesn’t that curvy structure just tickle your interest? Let’s see if we can get a better view…

House 4: The finished house

Indeed, the architects did follow through on their plan to include a curvy layout – most intriguing, as this isn’t something that one usually sees in houses. 

In addition to those bending walls, the residence’s T-shaped layout also makes it a most prominent structure, with cool concrete in dusty grey tones ensuring a very minimalist type façade.

House 5: The house plans

Our last house plan treats us to a very detailed look (including colours and thorough drawings of furniture and décor pieces) to give us a very clear idea as to what the final product will look like.

Still, though, we still want to see the end result for ourselves…

House 5: The finished house

It’s like seeing a paint-by-numbers piece get transformed into a 3D masterpiece. Even though we knew what the layout of the end result would be, it's still fascinating to see lots more detail and intricate information get added in. 

For example, we could not have predicted that the colour palette would be so neutral, and that off-whites and creams would take control of the interior tones. Or that those downlighters’ sparkles would be so enchanting.  

Kudos to all our architects for their fabulous work!

Which finished house was your favourite?

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