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7 life-changing ways to add space to your small home

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In this modern day and age where space seems to be gobbled up like nobody’s business, we need to think outside the box to be clever with space – particularly since that box is also getting full quite quickly. 

But whether you live in a three bedroom house or a one room flat, there is always at least one way in which to add more space to make your surroundings more open and comfortable – and, of course, more stylish.

So, have a sit down, and scope through these seven hints that can not only insert more space into your interiors, but also help you out with that other nasty problem that’s rearing its ugly head in almost every house: clutter.

1. Make use of unused spaces

If you look carefully, chances are you are bound to find at least one spot in your house that can help with storage, yet is currently going unused. That weird little space under the stairs is a perfect example, seeing that it’s a prime candidate for a number of uses, including storage. 

From a bookcase to a tiny little office, and from an interior garden to a built-in closet, that space under the stairs is just waiting for you to utilise it most skilfully and stylishly.

2. Floating shelves

If those cupboards and drawers are getting full, you have two choices: clear out the things that are not needed, and then add more storage options.

Floating shelves are heaven sent, seeing as they take up no floor space, and ensure that those walls don’t look too bland or empty. Just ensure you don’t crowd them with décor pieces and accessories, as a cluttered room (whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.) is never in style.

3. Clever furniture pieces

We always say that double-duty furniture pieces are the best ones. Not only do they add style and structure to your interiors (if you made the right choice, mind you), but they are also clever in terms of functionality and saving space.

Examples include: a kitchen cart that doubles as an island, which can roll out of the way when needed; a sofa that transforms into a bed; a drawer/cutting board that’s stored in your kitchen counter; a bed with built-in storage compartments… the list goes on and on, which means you really have no excuse not to include at least one.

4. Use every room available

An Extraordinary Garage Makever with wall cabinets and bike storage Garageflex Classic style garage/shed White

An Extraordinary Garage Makever with wall cabinets and bike storage


Nobody will judge you for storing a few things in a random spot (such as seasonal clothing in the hallway closet) – as long as you ensure it doesn’t create either clutter or an eyesore. 

The garage is a perfect example of a room that is (sometimes) underutilised. Yes, it houses your car (and perhaps your bicycle and forgotten rollerblades), but there must be a little space left to help out with storage? 

Cupboards, wall shelves, wall-mounted hooks – these all take up vertical space like a boss, leaving your precious floor open for other purposes.

5. Put those walls to work

A wall is so much more than a surface that flaunts wallpaper or keeps those shelves intact. With some creative thinking (and hard work), a few niches can be added, instantly adding more storage/display areas in your interiors. 

And the magic really starts once you begin to zhoosh up those niches, like adding lighting or introducing them to a bucket of paint and a brush.

6. Beat the clutter

The truth is that even if your house is filled with storage compartments, yet you don’t do your part to keep that clutter in check, it’s no good at all.

Having a bathroom vanity with drawers and storage space, for example, won’t do anything if you keep crowding its top surface with elements – which, in turn, will make your entire bathroom seem cluttered.

7. Go up

Should you treat yourself to some new cupboards, do yourself a favour: make sure they extend all the way to the ceiling – what good is a tiny open space on top of that cupboard? 

A cupboard surface that extends from floor-to-ceiling helps draw the eye upwards, allowing you to take in the entire room. This makes the room seem bigger and taller, adding visual space to your layout. 

Other means of ‘going up’ space-wise include bunk beds (a terrific treat if you have kiddies) and loft areas (which instantly add an entire new room to your home). 

Speaking of kiddies, feel free to gather some inspiration by checking out these: 8 Enchanting Beds For Fun-Loving Toddlers.

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