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9 gorgeous walk-in showers

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Showers are not only necessary but ultra relaxing, especially after a long and stressful day. A walk-in shower can feel like a personal spa retreat at home, and serve as a bathroom's central focus.

These ten gorgeous walk-in showers leave nothing to be desired as they will spark design ideas for anyone looking to create a gorgeous space.

1. Colourful fun

Have more than one favourite colour? Don't be afraid to combine multiple colours to create a gorgeous walk-in shower and bathroom. This bathroom uses bold colours of yellow, red and green to create an unforgettable look. These colours continue on to the walk-in shower area. Two walls of the shower uses these colourful tiles arranged in thick, bold stripes. The third wall is a grey colour, which balances out all of the bright colours while also maintaining the very creative look. Placed at the back wall of this bathroom, this gorgeous walk-in shower is definitely the focal point of this bright and beautiful bathroom.

2. Blue lagoon

What a gorgeous walk-in shower this is, with its one of a kind mosaic tiles! This shower is large and in charge, a bench could even fit in this space! The beautiful mosaic tiles are what really makes this area special. The mosaic tiles are different shades of blues, greens, and purple. One large wall consists of the tiles placed from floor to ceiling. This pattern continues for a large, rectangular area of the floor, which gives it a cool effect of flowing water, becoming a lovely blue lagoon.

3. Elegant details

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomBathtubs & showers
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California

Drummonds Bathrooms

Bring elegance into a bathroom with this detailed and gorgeous walk-in shower. One wall of the shower is made of white subway tiles, a very classic and elegant look. The floor of the shower is also white, with a different and more squared pattern tiles. The shower area then uses small glass cut outs, bordered with a dark brown to create what looks like a bunch of small windows. This is used for walls and the door of the shower, creating a unique and detailed look that screams elegance. Finally, the designer placed a small bench on one of the glass walls, creating the perfect elegant walk-in shower.

4. Rock out

This gorgeous walk-in shower uses a stone wall to create a rich look. The shower is separated by the rest of the room by a long, glass wall. This wall splits the room in half, but also makes the room seem very open and as if the shower just flows right into the other areas of the room. The focal wall of the bathroom is made of stones, full of texture and life. This creates one wall of the walk-in shower. Stones give a very natural, Zen feel, so this wall result creates a relaxing walk-in shower. Use stones for a gorgeous walk-in shower that will become a Zen paradise.

5. Spa retreat

This gorgeous walk-in shower literally looks like a spa retreat in a five star hotel. Get pampered daily with this serene and luxurious shower design. The floor uses marble tiles to create the look of luxury. There is a small, raised platform in the middle of the room that becomes the shower area. The room then has a short bench that borders the entire area. This definetly gives it the spa feel, where one can relax on the bench, hop in a hot shower, and go back to laying on the bench. This is the perfect at home spa retreat.

6. Minimalist

If minimalism is desired then this is the perfect walk-in shower. The shower area uses the sleek colours of the rest of the bathroom, a cool grey, on its walls and floor area. A part of a wall uses wood planks to bring in subtle colour and texture. This wood is picked up in the sink vanity unit. A barely there glass wall separates the walk-in shower from the rest of the bathroom. The end result is a gorgeous walk-in shower that is sleek, chic, modern and perfect for a minimalist look.

7. Classic blue

This bold blue colour doesn't feel too overwhelming as it is done in a very lovely and classic way. This gorgeous walk-in shower has floor to ceiling blue tiles that also continue for the entire floor space. The small, traditional squares seem to balance out this bold colour. There is a small, rectangular window in the shower area that brings in great natural light. The rest of the room is white, which goes well with this blue and makes it stand out just right.

8. Private room

Create a private sanctuary with an enclosed and gorgeous walk-in shower. The walk-in shower in this bathroom features one wall that is made of a solid, dark wood. The door of the shower is a large, mirrored piece that reflects the rich colours of the rest of the bathroom. Finally another wall of the bathroom is created with a mixture of white, grey, and black tiles. This can be seen in another area of the bathroom as well. With only one open wall, this walk-in shower is like a private room… in a very fancy hotel. Overall this is a gorgeous a creative look that is full of texture, colour, and personality.

9. Dark and mysterious

Portray a sense of mystery by using dark colours in a gorgeous walk-in shower. To begin, this shower has a really cool placement. It is in the centre of the room, with the sink area on one side and the toilet on the other. The shower is separated by a wall of glass on each side, panelled by black. The tiles used are different shades of dark and medium browns. The tiles on the wall provide a different brown palette than the tiles used on the floor. This creates rich texture, while staying in the same colour family. This walk-in shower is dark, mysterious, and oh so luxurious.

Do you have a favourite walk-in shower look? Let us know in the comments, below.

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