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10 pictures of glass shelves perfect for any room

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홍예디자인 Modern bathroom
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Corners are notoriously difficult to utilise as a space and everything about them can be troublesome unless a solution to maximise their use can be found. One simple solution: corner shelves. These are the perfect option for extra storage in any room where a corner has been left unused. Why let space languish when you can fill it with books or bathroom essentials?

Glass corner shelves are perfect for living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. As a material glass is a great option because their transparency helps make dark corners seem lighter and their invisibility adds to the overall sense of space too, thus maximising their impact.

Have a look at these ten lovely examples and tell us what you think!

Galley kitchen shelves

Glass shelves look fabulous in traditional and modern spaces. This kitchen is very modern. Everything about it is new, from the high gloss units to the appliances. The corner shelves are at the far end of this galley kitchen, making use of a corner that might otherwise have been forgotten. They are behind frosted glass, which helps hide the contents a little. But by adding a light, they have become a lovely focal point.

Floating shelf

Broken : Floating Shelf byJalmari Living roomShelves

Broken : Floating Shelf


Floating shelves are beautiful and can go anywhere you want. The simplicity of this wood and glass combination is lovely and we think it looks very modern and minimalist. It could be placed easily in any corner, in any room. The neutrality of the wood and class combination mean it will go with most forms of decor. The glass element in the middle is perfect for a corner were you want a little more light to get in to it. Place a small lamp on top for maximum impact.

Elegance and style

Near Bath, Somerset Guest Bathroom designed and made by Tim Wood Tim Wood Limited Classic style bathroom
Tim Wood Limited

Near Bath, Somerset Guest Bathroom designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

Not all corners are boxed in by walls. Some are actually created by design, as in this bathroom by Tim Wood. The room looks elegant and stylish, and this image is helped by the glass shelves built into the wall at the bottom of the bath. By simply placing a light at the top, it illuminates every shelf beautifully. These provide a perfect amount of storage for all bathroom essentials. The mirror over the bath helps reflect light easily around the whole room and this is helped by the glass shelves.

Mirror images

In this picture we can see that these shelves were created by cutting into the wall, which mimics the shape of the window, creating a mirror effect. The glass shelves are not dissimilar to the glass window panels either. The window helps reflect natural light on to the shelves and lightens the whole bathroom Perfect for spare towels, artisan soaps and moisturisers, the shelves are very well placed and balance the room well.


Tudor Court , Golders Green, London Jigsaw Interior Architecture Modern bathroom
Jigsaw Interior Architecture

Tudor Court , Golders Green, London

Jigsaw Interior Architecture

Embedded deep into the walls, these shelves are very minimalist and unobtrusive, by taking up no space at all. The glass shelves are flush with the walls and the lines all match up, making it look very contemporary. This idea could be carried into any bathroom that has a tight space where shelves could be. They are long and slender and are ideal for keeping bathroom items on that you want within easy reach.

Glass is timeless

Cadogan Place Apartment DO Design Studio Classic style bathroom
DO Design Studio

Cadogan Place Apartment

DO Design Studio

One reason to choose glass corner shelves, is that they are timeless. Glass never gets old and we can see in this image just how this look could last for years, without the need to redecorate. It looks contemporary, which is part of the appeal and is classic styling. These corner glass shelves are placed well next to this sink, where everything is stored neatly out of the way.


Townhouse Kitchen, Kingston upon Thames LINLEY London Modern kitchen

Townhouse Kitchen, Kingston upon Thames


From the contemporary to something a little more traditional looking. Glass shelves are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because they are easy to clean and maintain. The cabinet in this corner has glass shelves inside it. They add to the illusion of space and create a sense of openness. The shelves go from the worktops to the ceiling, giving the cupboard a good amount of storage for wine glasses and so on. These shelves are placed more centrally to give full access to them.

Space saver

When it comes to really tight corners, these glass shelves are the perfect space saver. They would go anywhere, not just a bathroom, although they are a great idea for any bathroom. You can have as many as you like, at varying heights, depending on the space available and the storage that you want. These are above the bath, which is a great idea for storing bath oils and shampoos on. They have a small rail to hold items safely on them too.

Delicate look

Crema Marfil Marble Grade A in a honed finish from Artisans of Devizes. Artisans of Devizes Classic style bathroom Marble Beige
Artisans of Devizes

Crema Marfil Marble Grade A in a honed finish from Artisans of Devizes.

Artisans of Devizes

This bathroom is very elegant and delicate looking. With very neutral colours, it is the epitome of calm and serenity. The glass shelves at the end of the bath offer a place to keep much needed items without them intruding into the space of the bathroom. You could use them for scented candles or have some ornaments that would add a splash of colour to the room, should that be your desire.

Don't be limited

Private House St Johns Wood London Bolans Architects Study/officeCupboards & shelving
Bolans Architects

Private House St Johns Wood London

Bolans Architects

Glass shelves don't have to be limited to your bathroom or kitchen. We see no reason you should not have them as part of your living room essentials. These shelves use LED lights to produce the light that we see. It projects from the ends and flows the length of the shelf with ease, giving off an incredibly unique and impressive appearance. These would be a wonderful talking point in any home.

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