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Top quality gorgeous kitchens

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The Three Cusps Chalet Tiago do Vale Arquitectos Eclectic style kitchen
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Since the kitchen is arguably the most important room of the home, a place for social gatherings and catching up with loved ones after a long day, then it's only right that this room should be top quality and gorgeous! With so much time spent in this oh so very important room, why not invest in it?

Use elegant granite, luxurious cabinets, fancy tiles and more to create a dream kitchen. Don't forget to include touches of personality with colour and decorative objects. These top quality gorgeous kitchens are an inspiration for anyone looking to amp up the style and quality of their home kitchen.

Colour block

East London Apartment Draisci Studio Modern kitchen
Draisci Studio

East London Apartment

Draisci Studio

Colour block has become a recent popular style that integrates bold colour with high end style. This is a perfect way to add top quality, gorgeous design in a kitchen. These kitchen cabinets are eye catching and unforgettable, definetly giving this kitchen a big personality. The cabinets come in various colours, using orange, yellow, mustard and reds to create a modern and fun look. The cabinets are super chic with their sharp lines and no finishes, adding even more to this modern appeal. The cabinets too come in different shapes and sizes, finishing off this unique look in this top quality, gorgeous kitchen.

Space is key

Swaragya Harshad nimbalkar residence Sunil Patil and Associates Modern kitchen
Sunil Patil and Associates

Swaragya Harshad nimbalkar residence

Sunil Patil and Associates

Working with a decent sized space can play a big role in creating s top quality, gorgeous kitchen. The larger the better, right? This kitchen certainly thinks so with its bountiful counter space. The counter is shaped as the letter C, making it feel open and cosy at the same time. Beautiful, unique shelving units are placed on the black wall, perfect for displaying decorative pieces. The white units of the kitchen look bold against the dark black wall. Finally the silver, high end finishes give this kitchen the sought after top quality, gorgeous design.

Vibrant red

r79 Modern kitchen

Red can be such a powerful, regal, and attention grabbing colour, perfect for creating an unforgettable kitchen. This kitchen features very sleek, very modern cabinetry that is red with a great shine appeal. This finish gives it a modern look, as well as a very polished, defined look as well. This red travels from floor to ceiling, surely becoming a great focal point of this kitchen. The red picks back up with the red stools placed around the huge kitchen counter. This unit even features a wine cooler, very luxurious. For an electric coloured kitchen, red is the way to go, adding gorgeous and top quality design.

More than all white

It doesn't get much more top quality than marble, so why not use it in creating a top quality, gorgeous kitchen. This kitchen is light, airy, and regal with its beautiful marble work. The kitchen counter is made from a mostly white marble that looks straight out of a magazine. The high end finishes and to the design value. Finally the lights and even the hard wood flooring all come together to make this kitchen a truly wonderful place that is elegant, regal, and definetly top quality.


Looking for something a bit more adventurous that speaks to individual style? Try working with eclectic kitchen wall paper. This wall paper is perfect for a kitchen as its pattern is literally made of spoons, forks, and knives. While the design of the wallpaper is quite busy the colours are neutral whites and blacks, which is perfect for the bold pop of yellow in the kitchen chairs. The rest of the kitchen is outfitted in black which looks mature, mysterious, and goes well with the other colours. This is a great option for those who think outside the box.

Bold granite

Granite is a great material to work with for creating a top quality and gorgeous kitchen. The granite is used throughout this kitchen, really creating a high end feel. First, the kitchen table is made from the black and brown coloured granite. This same granite is used for the splashback, which interestingly is continued to the ceiling in one part of the kitchen. This in your face granite, along with the high end appliances, creates a high end, top quality kitchen with style.

Fun with colour

Play with peeks of colour when thinking of ideas for a top quality, gorgeous kitchen design. This kitchen has a lot of great features. First, the kitchen island is quite special, with its cubby style shelf carvings in Orange, a great option to display decorative items. This unit also uses white and black, which goes along with the rest of the kitchen. The Orange is picked up with a glass splashback, while the white continues on with the high end cabinetry. Finally the walls are painted black,  with fun phrases painted near the ceiling of one wall. This kitchen creates so much fun with colour it will be hard to want to leave.

Modern shapes

Play with pattern and shapes to create a top quality, gorgeous kitchen as the designer did with this one. The floor of this kitchen is absolutely gorgeous, with its zig-zag pattern and different tones of wood. The counter space then is truly a focal point. The side of the counter takes on an unusual geometric shape that gives this kitchen a very modern feel. This is also a great minimalist kitchen, as there are clean lines, no clutter, yet modern taste. With its stainless steal appliances this is yet another great option for a top quality, gorgeous kitchen design.

Neon dream

This top quality, gorgeous kitchen is extremely one of a kind be has of the unique wall that is used to separate the kitchen from the dining room. This wall starts off with bold colour, a magenta with lime green accents, which is different in itself. But what truly makes this eye catching is the giant window carved out of the wall. The circular window is huge and creates originality in both spaces. The kitchen also features dark finishes- a bold and large counter and seamless cabinets to create a space that will leave guests in awe of such a top quality, gorgeous kitchen.

Chalkboard fun

Painting a wall using chalkboard paint can add fun and design into a kitchen. This kitchen does just that, with a great accent wall painted like a chalkboard to display fun phrases. The wall itself becomes a piece of art that can easily be changed daily with a swipe of a sponge!  The rest of the kitchen is magnificent, with a gorgeous white counter in the middle of the kitchen that holds the stove and has a bar area. The sink has modern, high end finishes and with that large window with its amazing view, this becomes the perfect top quality, gorgeous kitchen.

Which was your favourite kitchen design? Let us know in the comments, below.

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