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12 mistakes you MUST avoid when moving home

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Moving into a new house presents a blank canvas and an overflow of possibilities in terms of décor and home design. But often those new spaces present a problem, leading to design mistakes – what worked in the previous house might not work in the new one, leading you to rethink those furniture layouts, décor pieces, and what not. 

To help you settle in nicely (and stylishly), we have sought out twelve common mistakes that almost all of us make upon moving into a new house. 

So, let’s see what we ought not to do…

1. Don’t procrastinate

Planning and designing a new space takes time and dedication – and keeping it clean does too. No interior room ever just springs into existence looking all elegant and clean. 

So, stop making excuses and start focusing on what you need to do for your new space(s), whether it’s as simple as fixing that windowsill or going out to buy more paint.

2. Don’t focus it all on one room

Trying to accommodate too many elements into one space usually leads to a cluttered look. Like all important tasks, interior decorating needs prioritising too. Thus, focus on the essentials before bringing in elements to beautify a room. 

For example, if your living room has just enough space for a two-seater and TV cabinet, then forcing additional sofas and side tables into it is a big design sin. Rather see if you can’t fit those gorgeous pieces into another room which can comfortably fit them, such as the study or library.

3. Never forget about the other spaces

It can be quite tempting to splurge it all on that one space, such as the living room or kitchen – but no, your entire house needs to benefit from your creativity. So, make sure to give equal attention to all those rooms.

4. It’s not always about the understated look

Although understated décor is generally recommended for modern homes, especially the smaller ones, it doesn’t always go with any and every space. 

Selecting and placing items into a room creates a look and vibe, which can look unfinished and unlikeable if not done correctly. The overall impression needs to be inviting, irrespective of the stylistic choices, just like our example featured above.

5. Busy walls don’t always work

We are all about walls with character, but if you’re decorating a relaxing space, then wallpaper with busy motifs are the wrong choices. And rather limit those lively tones to one or two. 

Certain rooms, such as the bedroom and bathroom, tend to look their best when not decorated with too-vibrant tones (this can interrupt that peaceful ambience you’re trying to create).

However, this room featured above gets a stylish approval from our side!

6. Don’t shut out that gorgeous view

Spaces that are blessed with generous views (whether it’s a beach, forest, or cityscape) should use it to their advantage. Although flaunting a very simple style, the interior design of this Japanese apartment looks even more fantastic thanks to the panoramic views of the city – a décor piece you won’t find in any store! 

homify hint: Need some privacy? Long, flowing curtains can add an exquisite touch to those large glass doors/windows.

7. Never underestimate the lighting

Even the most ultra chic space needs a generous dose of lighting – and bonus points if you can manage both natural- and artificial touches. 

Windows, glass doors, and skylights can help to bring in some sunshine (and colour in your furniture- and décor pieces), while there’s an entire world of artificial lighting sources (wall sconces, downlighters, table lamps, etc.) just waiting to be discovered.

8. Don’t see walls as immovable

This bedroom space above flaunts a stylish design that proves that walls are not just immovable objects bent on shrinking a space. Thanks to elegant wall décor, lighting elements, and wall-mounted storage units, this space enjoys a most graceful look. 

Its stylish design goes a long way in reminding us how vital it is to appropriately treat the walls.

9. Don’t be a know-it-all

Even if you binge-watch design programmes on the weekends, that doesn’t mean you are a qualified professional. 

Trust the experts. They have the required knowledge and skills (and experience) for working the right kind of magic in your house. Thus, don’t be scared to call in professional assistance.

10. Don’t blindly follow the trends

A lot of first time homeowners believe in stuffing their spaces with branded objects and copying verbatim what they see on stylish websites and design programmes. But a little bit of common sense is also necessary when designing a space. After all, you’ll be the one living in it. 

See how very stylish this living room above turned out without boasting an exhaustive amount of branded pieces or hot-right-now elements.

11. Don’t confuse simplicity with boring

Simplicity, believe it or not, is a very hard look to achieve. Making a room look comfortable, stylish, and “just right” takes skill and practice – thus, don’t see the simplistic look as dull or boring. 

Want more proof? Just take a look at the charm radiating from the simple selection of furniture and decorative elements in the elegant apartment above. Notice how everything just seems to flow together – that’s no accident!

12. Don’t rush it

This isn’t an exam – you’re not on the clock. When it comes to designing a new home, the slow and steady approach is the one that will bear the most stylish fruits. Once the necessary elements have been inserted, take your time in playing with colour schemes, décor pieces, and additional accessories. 

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What other style blunders do home buyers make?

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