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This outstanding residence located in sunny Spain has been designed by experts from Estudio Arquitecto and offers just the right blend of ambitious architectural expression and modern conveniences. The success of the project came down to the expert and clients forming a close relationship very quickly, with both parties sharing a similar idea about how a modern home should look and function. Transparency was also one of the keys success, as well as the openness to bring new ideas to the table—no matter what stage of construction the home was at. You'll notice as you take a tour of this home how the satisfied owners have been able to add their own personal flair and design input into the project. Let's begin…

Modern living at its very best

The site of the new home is located within a quiet street that the owners had quickly snapped up when it became available for purchase. They had seen the immense potential the site had for a brand new home to be built. A north facing frontage and flanked by low-rise houses allowed for the design of the future home to be more expressive than usual. As a result, one of the key design factors that guided the aesthetics of this home is the architect's focus on light. Notice how the design of the home has many faces with each face having extensive glazing. Not only would this allow for sunlight to enter the home at all times, but it also gave the home its distinct appearance. 

For work and fun

Upon entering the residence, we find ourselves in a hallway that leads to the homes main communal zone and to the owners private workshop beyond. Working from home was a critical aspect of the new home, however the workshop needed to be isolated from the rest of the house to ensure productive work, but still well connected so that working and living times could occur quickly and fluidly. 

Since the hallway is closed off from the open space, it is one place where raw materials have been used to bring an interesting design element. Just in this image you'll notice exposed brick, gorgeously stained timber and stone flooring. 

A special staircase

Building your own home from scratch opens the door to many possibilities in regard to experimenting and unleashing your personal design ambitions. Here we see the magnificent floating staircase located in the hallway which was the idea of one of the clients. The stairs have been designed so that those who walk up and down the steps feel a sense of weightlessness. We simply love the delicate relationship between the timber steps, steel supports and the glass balustrades 

A rear shot

The exterior façade displays the homes more expressive side. The double storey building is formed by both cream shaded bricks and a sheer white render that contributes to an overall monochrome appearance. Windows are double pane with most being able to opened to allow for constant fresh air—a necessity in the hot Spanish climate. 

A glowing swimming pool

It was always important for the home to have a valuable outdoor setting in which the owners would want to spend time and enjoy the sunny weather on offer. What better way to lure everyone outside than a swimming pool? Here we see the pool lit up in the evening showcasing its amazing inbuilt lighting. 

A beautiful location and home

Overall, this is a project that both the owners and the experts can be proud of, and reflects the importance of an engaging and strong relationship between parties. We really loved having the privilege to look through this home. If you enjoyed this too, and are searching for another similar project then be sure to click the link below to see inside an amazing home in Japan. 

The light-switch house

What did you like about this new home? Be sure to let us know in the comments section. 

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