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Easy ways to get a green wall in your home

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We’ve all heard of gardens, and we know what walls are – but are you familiar with the ‘living green wall’? It’s the latest and greatest method of bringing fresh greenery into your home, even though it’s a concept that was realised way back in the 1930s. 

Yes, living green walls are a real thing, and since they are not such a common appearance (not yet), it means having one in your home will place your residence a few stylish levels above your friends’. 

So, to stir your inspiration (and treat you to some beautiful imagery as we usually do here on homify), sit back and take in these 5 ideas for living green walls.

What is the living green wall?

Sundar Italia vertical framework by homify

Sundar Italia vertical framework


First of all: what is a living green wall and what does it ‘do’? 

Living green walls are panels of plants that are grown vertically using hydroponics, on structures that can be either free-standing or attached to walls. 

Think of it as a garden against your wall, with fresh plants and flowers adorning that vertical space and putting a very exceptional twist on interior décor. 

Living green walls are also called vertical gardens, green walls, living walls or eco-walls.

The benefits of the interior living green wall

It goes without saying that one of the main advantages of a living green wall is its visual appeal. That lush, alluring, and most inviting look is enough to make anybody stop and stare – just like a pristinely maintained garden would. 

In addition, the plants in the walls work as a natural air-filtration system that you can enjoy, just like you would with regular indoor plants / interior gardens. 

Becoming quite a trend worldwide, living green walls can be seen blooming to life in hotel lobbies, office buildings, art galleries, and those who wish to flaunt something stylish and unique in their interior spaces.

The benefits of the exterior living green wall

Sundar Italia outdoor vertical garden by homify

Sundar Italia outdoor vertical garden


But that block of fresh plants aren’t just here to prettify your living room walls – they can be taken outside, just like your regular vertical garden constructions. Imagine one of these bushed beauties adorning your garden fence, or the wall surrounding your swimming pool (as shown above). 

But there’s more. In addition to purifying the air (as plants are known to do), a generously sized green wall also helps keep a building’s interior temperature constant by cooling the air in the warmer summer months. And come winter time you see the advantages continue, with your home enjoying a thick insulation, thus reducing energy costs for heating. 

Living green walls also reduce noise levels by reflecting, refracting, as well as absorbing acoustic energy.

Which plants work best?

So then, which greens would be perfect for that living green wall? 

There are the primary species of plants that do well in green walls, such as Aeschynanthus radicans (known as the ‘lipstick plant’) and Nephrolepis exaltata (sword fern). Plants that have a wide range of tolerances can do exceptionally well on a green wall. 

Certain plants that are known to degrade quickly if they don’t get enough water are not prime choices for a green wall.

To be 100% sure you get the best greens for your vertical space, rather consult a professional gardener, landscape architect, or the friendly expert at your local nursery.

Building your own green wall

Sundar Italia vertical gardens by homify

Sundar Italia vertical gardens


Just like any garden, a living green wall needs to be maintained if you expect it to flourish. 

First decide whether you would like your wall to be indoors or outdoors. If you’re only starting out in gardening, it may be wise to start with an indoor wall, which is both easier to build and to maintain. 

Get some professional advice from a gardening expert who can give you the best tips based on your needs and lifestyle. 

There are several ways in which a green wall can be constructed. Generally speaking, these walls are vertical and comprised of shelves or plant containers that attach themselves directly onto the walls. The most important factor is to ensure that each plants gets enough sunlight, can be easily watered, and enjoy enough air. 

Want to learn more? Then check out: How can I create and plant a vertical garden?

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