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Small living spaces are becoming increasingly common, especially in bigger cities around the UK. Space is at a premium so getting everything to fit into a compact unit is a feat of design and determination. 

Kitchens are something that can really be played with from a design perspective. They need a certain essentials, such as a cooker and a sink, but the shape and layout can all be made to fit any space. Any small home can be transformed with a new kitchen. It not only raises the value of a house or flat but greatly improves the room's functionality.

We found ten studio kitchens to give you some ideas on how space can be used to maximise any home!

Neat ideas

This kitchen is an extremely compact space but manages to fit in all of the essentials. The microwave is nestled in and fixed to the wall with a cupboard above it, thereby not wasting one inch of space. There is even a small dining surface. The design is fairly contemporary and dominated by straight lines, which help to maximise the room's dimensions.

Keep it light

Small spaces need a lot of light to make them feel big. This is achieved in this kitchen by predominantly using white. Too much white in a very large space can look really like it is too much, but it is the perfect choice for a small space. The lowered pendant lighting helps give a focus to the dining area, whilst other lighting is used to highlight separate kitchen areas. The splashes of colour come from accessories to the kitchen, which is the right thing to do. Some wall art would also add to this room.

Storage galore!

This kitchen is very well designed. If we are talking about small studio kitchens, then there are a lot of ideas that can be taken from this design. We can see the wine rack is built in to one unit, that then becomes your worktop with a sink and cooker. Shelves and drawers are used in every single available spaces, making this very good at holding a lot of items that any kitchen would need. It was designed to be integrated into a living room and not look like a traditional kitchen. It really does achieve this with ease.

Be bold

If you don't want to go with white as a colour option, there is no need to not be yourself and let your kitchen be an extension of you. If colour is very important, then it can work too. This kitchen by Hallwood Furniture is a shining example of how well colour can work in small spaces. The bright purple and red really add a sense of individuality. The use of wall space is important here too. The rack not only acts as a shelf for storage, but hooks can be added for all of your cooking utensils.

We wood

Bold colours are lovely, but some people prefer a more traditional look in their studio kitchen. And you can achieve this look, even in a small space. This very small galley kitchen is wood from top to bottom and it uses the space really well. By slim-lining the worktops, you both create and save space all at once. The addition of a stool also gives a breakfast area. The wood is warm and makes this kitchen feel small and cosy.


Studio apartments are often aimed at young people and this kitchen fits the bill. The tiled walls have an industrial feel about them, along with the window. The colour scheme is bright and contemporary, mixing the two looks well. It feels young and hip, with ample space for cooking and even socialising, despite appearing small. It is compact and practical.

Beautiful cabinets

There is no sense in wasting space if you have a small kitchen. Think and maximise! Look at where a cabinet could go, they don't all have to be the same size, get them to fit the space. This way you reduce clutter on the worktops and everything looks neater. Corner cupboards that pull out, hanging racks and drawers are all worth considering, no matter how small they would be. Organisation in a small space is key, so be clever with your storage.

Right light

You read it right. Let light shine on every part of your studio kitchen. Use any light, from pendant to recessed and even wall lights. They can all help emphasise separate areas of design and give a sense of space. You also then get control over the ambience of your kitchen by having separate light sources. Dispersing light in different ways can stop the light being harsh and too bright. Make it cool and relaxed.

Country appeal

Le contemporain épouse l’ancien, mllm mllm Eclectic style kitchen

So far we have seen very modern design and spaces for studio kitchens. This need not be the only look. We have looked at a very wooden kitchen, which was traditional. This image has a real country appeal. The only permanent fixture is the sink here. A small space can really lend itself to freestanding units. This way you get the choice of where everything goes and ends up. You can mix and match furniture to suit your needs and style.

Clever storage

When all space is needed, walls become very appealing. Think laterally and a whole new world of possibility will open up. This cool wall rack is really clever. It has everything from plate storage to shelves and even hooks. It will give great storage to any small kitchen and let you show off some of your best plates! Shelves are a really practical addition to any kitchen.

How do you make the most of your small kitchen space? Let us know in the comments, below.

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