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11 shrewd ways to save space in your small home

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Small spaces require big ideas if one wants to live comfortably and clutter free – and who doesn’t? But if a small space has been your residence for a while, then you are probably familiar with most of the classic tips to help increase that limited legroom. 

But as we all know, even the smartest and most stylish homes can get a little cluttered over time, which requires you to think outside a new box. 

Therefore, today on homify we present to you eleven more ways in which you can save a little extra space in a small home, plus enjoy a little added style and beauty in those modest rooms—after all, a small space doesn’t have to mean an ugly one!

1. Move the furniture away from the wall

Scandustrial Theme homify Industrial style bedroom

Scandustrial Theme


It just feels natural to shove all those pieces against the wall in a small room, but did you know that this tends to close the space down even more? 

Placing that bed or couch right in the room’s centre creates a pleasant walkway around it, freeing up some extra storage space on those walls.

2. Opt for small furniture and throw in some colour

Whether that house of yours is small or large, you should never over-furnish and under-decorate – this eats up even more floor space. 

Cut down until only the bare essential furniture pieces are left, and then add some small yet vivid pieces to up the colour/décor levels. 

See how inviting and charming this living/dining room above looks with its minimum pieces and jovial tones?

3. Think creatively with those lights

Need all the floor space you can get? Consider wall- and ceiling lights instead of floor- and table fixtures, then. This helps free up some extra legroom for furniture and décor pieces without lessening the lighting side, which is crucial in small spaces. 

Speaking of which, check out these stylish ideas for: Exciting Wall-Mounted Lighting.

4. Simplify that bedroom

If a one bedroom flat is your current residence, then chances are very good that your bedroom is eating up unnecessary space for a spot that is used for sleeping. Why don’t you play interior designer for a day and do something about it? 

Slot that bed into the corner and settle for a single side table instead of two. Opt for a wall-mounted bedside lamp. If you have any leftover room, consider a stylish room divider.

5. Fold up that furniture

Fläpps Folding Chair – Black AMBIVALENZ Dining roomChairs & benches Plywood Black

Fläpps Folding Chair – Black


Expecting some company? Take out those clever folding chairs from your closet to conjure up some extra seating options. Then just pack them right back up again to free up the legroom once the friends leave.

6. Be brilliant with bedside tables

A lot of small homes barely have enough room for a bed, let alone side tables. Get creative with that little legroom and turn those bedside tables into closets/storage cupboards, as seen in our example above. 

Ingenious solution? Our thoughts exactly…

7. Consider the vertical space

CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80 ÁBATON Arquitectura Rustic style living room
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

We can do so much more with walls than hang pretty pictures, you know?

If space is limited, forego those bookcases and/or cupboards and rather opt for some floating shelves instead. This leaves your precious floor open for other more important functions, like walking!

8. Bring in a ladder

Ypsy for the Bathroom homify BathroomStorage MDF Green

Ypsy for the Bathroom


Everyone seems to be jumping on the ladder bandwagon these days – so why not join them? Ladders are very clever options for temporary storage and can work in any room in the house.

9. Fill up that weird nook with some shelves

Compact kitchen with marble tiles Porcel-Thin KitchenAccessories & textiles

Compact kitchen with marble tiles


Just about every home has an awkward little nook somewhere that is taking up unnecessary space. Here’s what you can do with yours: take a laminated piece of wood from your local hardware store, get it cut to size, and place it in that weird corner.

Instant shelving space in a jiffy!

10. Seek out new storage spaces

If you look hard enough, you are bound to find some unused storage options in your home. How about that wall corner? Won’t it look just fabulous as a cute corner bookshelf?

11. Use hooks and hanging bars

The easiest way to free up space is to eliminate excess pieces, such as that towel railing against the bathroom wall, for example. Won’t a little hanging bar against the vanity look better, freeing up that wall space for something else, such as a shelf or niche for bathroom storage

Consider some hooks for your entryway as well instead of cupboards or hat stands.

Which of our space saving tips will you try at home?

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