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Home interior design mistakes—8 easy changes

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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Nobody is perfect (least of all us), so we know that everyone makes a few interior design, home furnishing and decorating mistakes before they get into their stride. That being said, we'd love to be able to help you to avoid a few of them!

We thought it best to give you a list of eight of the worst errors that many of us have and still continue to make. From living rooms that aren't really you to too much art on the walls, prepare to receive all the secrets that interior designers don't want you to know…

1. Ignoring the proportions of your rooms

Will lead to space being swallowed by huge furniture.

2. Asking friends for opinions

Will only get you an idea of their taste, not yours. Have faith in your own style!

3. You don't have to embrace minimalism

But avoid putting one of everything in each room and just stick with what you need.

4. Not having a central focal point in a room

Will make it feel messy and unstructured.

5. Matching your bedding to your walls

tropical Bedroom by homify

Tropical Night silk bed linen


Is not a great plan, unless you're going for interior camouflage.

6. Only opting for matching items

Living Room | Punggol Field: minimalistic Living room by Honeywerkz

Will make your home look stale. Try to mix it up a little!

7. Lots of clutter in small rooms

Small room:  Walls by Madame Ant

Will make them feel even tinier, not more interesting.

8. A feature wall can look great and be fun

But gallery walls that are too busy will detract from everything else in the room.

For more home décor tips and tricks, take a look at this Ideabook: 12 items interior designers would NOT waste money on.

Which of these have you been guilty of before?
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