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Meal times are important and so is having a table that is flexible enough to meet the demands of every home. Dining tables should be able to accommodate romantic dinners for two, hectic family meal times and social gatherings with friends.

Mahogany is the perfect choice for a dining table because it delivers on all of these requirements. The wood grain is beautiful and adds a lovely ambience to any dining room. Just add your tableware and let the table do the talking!

Simple lines

Minimalist in mahogany, this table is a splendid sight. Everything about it is simplistic, yet beautiful. The grain of the wood is typical mahogany, with straight lines and minimal knots in it. This grain works very well as a minimalist dining table. By having benches rather than chairs, it feels like a much more communal eating space, rather than formal, making it a perfect choice for families.

Fresh angle

Don't let dining be dull! This mahogany looking table is a brilliant and unusual shape. The angular trapezoid shape works on so many levels. The sharpness of the angles make it very contemporary and modern. It would provide a really unique dining experience. Everyone would be able to see one and other, making conversation really easy.


From sleek and minimalist, we are now looking at the deep and chunky appeal that a mahogany dining table can have. The table pictured has large elements to it and is a beautiful table. The darkness of this wood has mixed tones from orange to deep brown, making it look stunning under lights. Pair it with some lighter coloured chairs, some candles and have a lovely romantic dinner for two.


Wood works well when mixed with other colours. The white here is an amazing contrast to the warmth of the wood. Everything in this image matches, the wood on the floor to the table and the white of the table and chairs. It is a well thought out space, and the table is striking and very different. It would seat a large number of people, so is perfect for hosting a dinner party in elegance.


No matter what your style is, mahogany is definitely a wood that can be used for any style. It is a very common wood used in furniture because it is strong and hardwearing. If modern isn't your thing, then perhaps this rustic table is. We can see by the colour and sanding of the wood, that it fits the style well. The woven chairs match the overall appeal of rustic furniture. It could look a little washed out,but add some vibrance with your place settings and you will end up with a lovely atmospheric space.


For something totally stylish and different, this table from Viva Lagoon is right there in terms of style and design. With a mixture of straight lines and curves, it looks magnificent and really different. You can absolutely guarantee that people will talk about this dining table when they leave your home. The use of light and dark woods reminds us a little of Yin and Yang, and they do create the perfect balance.

Extra space for extra guests

We always have those moments where people turn up unexpectedly , or we are having such a good time that we just invite them to stay for dinner. This is where an extending table can come in very handy. This table seats up to 8 people easily. The end extensions are easy to put up and take down as needed, just add a couple of extra chairs and enjoy good company and food. With a more industrial feel, this table is bang on trend for that style.

Appealing, naturally

"Something out of the Ordinary!" Mango Crafts Dining roomTables
Mango Crafts

Something out of the Ordinary!

Mango Crafts

Wood is beautiful. It is beautiful when we mix it with other colours, sand it, paint it and distress it, but there is a lot to be said for leaving it in its natural state. This table and bench set are in one of the most natural states that wood can be left in. Literally sliced from the trunk of the tree, sanded and treated, they look amazing. The natural curve of the timber makes each one unique and different to look at. Suited to any decor, this is literally a table for any dining room.


House Redesign in Kent UK Sara Anton Interiors Dining roomTables
Sara Anton Interiors

House Redesign in Kent UK

Sara Anton Interiors

Having looked at minimalist, industrial and so on, it is time to show how a mahogany dining table can really make a room look traditional too. There is a lot of dark wood in this room, and it could so easily be overwhelming. But as we can see, it isn't at all. A perfect balance has been found between dark and light. The table is traditional looking in this setting. However, if we look closely, we can see that the base is different. The carved circles are in situ in lieu of legs. We love this little touch of contemporary.


As style and design continue to evolve, and they do, it is sometimes good to just go all out and invest in something different. By mixing the mahogany with the glass, this table is very unique. Not to mention that it is only accessible to sit at via one side. This does make it a little more limited than a regular table, but the overall look of it is it's saving grace. It is simplistic and stunning, just don't invite the neighbourhood over for tea!

For more dining table ideas check out this Ideabook: Lavishly Large Dining Tables.

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