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It is our great pleasure to bring you another beautiful South African house that can rival the best in the world. Like the stunning home we saw in Ballito, this project comes to us from another coastal town in our lovely country. Nestled on the quaint Garden Route of the Western Cape, this is the perfect holiday location for any time of year, or even a romantic spot to raise a family. 

Today we will look at a house in this location that surely makes the most of its surroundings, and would be an amazing dwelling for any family to inhabit, whether it be for vacation or on a permanent basis. This project was completed by Rudman Visagie Architects, based in the same town. 

Minimalism is definitely key in this design, as we will see in the subtle features and sleek simplicity. Now, we invite you to join us on a tour of this wonderful indigenous house and all of its subtle and stylish offerings. 

Minimal and modern exterior

The exterior of the home is in a classic modern style that continues to rise in popularity across the country and the world. This clean and simple style represents a no-fuss approach to architecture that leaves good design at the helm and ornamentation to the interior. 

Here we can see the front entrance of the house, which we are lead to by a traditional brick driveway. The two-storey building consists of two main volumes, situated on a slight slope so that the one volume is slightly elevated above the other. To compensate for this, the two sections are connected to one another by an intermediate section in the middle, which also conveniently houses the main entrance and foyer of the house. 

Large windows open the front of the home to its natural surroundings, and the hip-formation of the different sections of roofing give the ensemble a uniform look. 

Ice cool kitchen

Now to the interior of the home. We begin our internal tour with a somewhat unusual starting point—the kitchen. This room is, however so representative of the home's minimally modern interior style that can't help but begin things over here.

The most prominent feature of this kitchen, is its cool colour scheme. At first sight, it almost seems like the entire ensemble blends into itself without any effort. The colour palette seems so effortless, but we can see that a great deal of thought and design expertise had gone into this composition to create just that look. The icy white of the kitchen counters and cabinets are offset just a little by the teal blue of the backsplash area. This is then all complimented by the sleek look gained from stainless steel appliances and the glass cabinets above the counters. 

A bathroom of serenity

Here we find a serene and quiet bathroom that lures us in with its stylistic simplicity and inherent sophistication. Who could disagree that this private room signals calm and indulgence in luxury? 

This spacious family bathroom has both a bathtub and a large shower for whatever sanitary indulgence the family prefers on the day. Both of these amenities are quite spacious in nature, allowing for full comfort and no compromise on luxury. 

Despite the tendency of bathrooms to be dark little corners of the house, this one is light and bright. This cannot merely be attributed to the modest window allowing some welcome sunlight into the area, and we must acknowledge a lighting scheme that works wonders in conjunction with the neutral colours and materials. 

Natural tones

Lastly, we find ourselves still in the bathroom area, but if you look closely, you will see that this is indeed a different bathroom than the one we saw in the previous image. The two are, however, entirely similar in style, which creates continuity and thematic adherence throughout the home. 

This bathroom has an even larger shower with a very special feature. Above the shower space, we can see a great source of illumination. This is, in fact, a skylight, and this offers a unique atmosphere to this traditional bathroom amenity. 

What is most notable about this bathroom, however, is the beautiful and subtle materials used. Th natural quality of the rough stone tiles on the wall above the tub, and the polished river stones on the shower floor provide a natural look which is most calming and serene. Who wouldn't want to spend hours in this bathroom?! You can take a look at some advice on the best materials for your own bathroom over here.

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