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5 Extreme Small Kitchen Makeovers

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Ah, the kitchen! The heart of every home and where families love to get together, but only when it's been finished to perfection.

Today we're going to show you some total disaster zones and what they became, thanks to talented design and build teams. By using the spaces well and looking to inject a little modernity into one of the most traditional rooms in any home, the end results are amazing. In fact, we'd be willing to bet that you don't recognise at least two of these projects in their after pictures!

Ready to take that bet?

1. Before: Erm… where's the kitchen?

We were expecting to see a kitchen but all that we can make out is a long-abandoned room, with some unfortunate tiles and missing wall sections.

You can't seriously be telling us that this was, or will become, a usable kitchen, can you?

1. After: Like magic!

We had to scour this picture for clues that would confirm this is the same space. Sure enough, it is! Although it's like a miracle was performed though.

The kitchen planners involved with this project certainly had their work cut out for them but what a transformation! From condemned to cool as ice.

2. Before: The 1970s called: it wants this disaster back

Cramped, finished with cheap, tacky cabinets and a cork floor, this kitchen has hardly been given the VIP treatment.

Looking every inch like a cluttered kitchen from a 1970s gravy advert, we wouldn't fancy cooking, let alone eating in here!

2. After: Bang up-to-date

Isn't it fascinating what a little contemporary styling can do for a space? While this kitchen is not physically any bigger than it already was, it looks far larger, much brighter and, it goes without saying that, the layout and cabinets are now exponentially more appealing.

We love the new U-shaped counter design, which offers integral drinks storage.

3. Before: Are you kidding?

How on earth can you claim that this is a kitchen? Where are the usable worktops, the appliances and the general commitment to cleanliness?

No, this is not what we picture when we think of kitchens. Not even those in need of a revamp!

3. After: Heavenly space

Now, this is what we call a kitchen transformation!

You can clearly see that this is the same room but, with a sparkling white paint scheme, charming bistro dining set and a well lit counter, this is now a little slice of culinary heaven.

How did it ever look so awful before?

4. Before: You're just being silly now

This is not a kitchen. Sorry, but it takes more than a rubbish freestanding oven and a few outdated pots and pans to make a kitchen.

We refuse to engage with this one any further.

4. After: How did that happen?

Feel free to take a moment, we know we're going to.

This magnificent white, wood and brick installation has been plucked out of the interior design genius handbook and it's working wonders in the space.

The kitchen lighting is perfection and the hues all blend together seamlessly. We bet there isn't an old pan to be found in any of those sleek cabinets!

5. Beforw/After: Bare to beautiful

Let's be fair and say that the before picture is certainly lacking modernity, but the worst part about it is the lack of light. So dark and old-fashioned, the before picture paints a gloomy and sad image of cooking in this home. Skip to the after shot and the story couldn't be any more different.

Bright, wonderfully well lit and so modern that the space won't age for decades, we think this transformation might just be our favourite, especially with a patterned floor that pays a subtle little homage to what was there before. You shouldn't ever forget your roots, after all!

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Are you cooking up any ideas for a new kitchen?

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