5 Second Rate Bathrooms Finally Shine

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Bad Campioni Modern bathroom
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When it comes to makeovers, we think that bathrooms often deliver the most incredible results. Perhaps it's because they can be such cold, impersonal spaces? But, whatever the reason, we've found five transformations that really needed to happen!

Just wait until you see how these drab spaces were brought back to life and if you're looking for some bathroom design inspiration for your own home, look no further…

1. Before: What would you call this design scheme?

We know what we'd call this… awful.

Whoever thought that patterned brown tiles, an avocado suite and a dark cork floor would work well together clearly needs their eyes testing. Just look at how small it has made the space feel!

1. After: Minimalist perfection

Ah, now that's more like it. Stripping out all the ghastly colours and injecting this bathroom with a good dose of white has certainly added some much needed modernity, which has made the room feel far bigger.

Thank goodness for talented interior designers!

2. Before: Could do better

We see what the idea was here, with an all-white colour scheme, but it has left the room feeling somewhat stark and unfriendly, don't you think?

With a skylight in place, we think there's scope to warm this space up a bit.

2. After: A colour injection

What a difference! The beautiful cornflower blue ceiling has worked wonders to lift and add style to this bathroom.

With all the matching little colour accents dotted around, we think this is a space that you'd happily wallow in for a few blissful hours.

3. Before: Good grief

Are you kidding? Floor-to-ceiling matching brown tiles look utterly beyond help. 

With such an awkwardly shaped and sized room, what were the owners thinking when they put this scheme into practice? Our eyes can't take it!

3. After: A whole new world

Modern suite items, a brand new shower and a stunningly neutral colour scheme have come together to perform a miracle.

No longer a small and pokey space, this bathroom now feels high end and super luxurious. What a difference taking out a wall can have!

4. Before: Bleak to say the least

Cold, unwelcoming and terrifically sterile, this bathroom looks every inch our nightmare, especially when you consider that it's a room you use every day.

It's just far too stark and devoid of style for our tastes.

4. After: A monochrome marvel

Add a little personality, some funky touches and modern fixtures and what do you get? A bathroom we would use in a heartbeat, that's what.

Flashes of black have added a certain style authority that was totally absent before. Also, that shower enclosure looks divine!

5. Before/After: Keeping it simple

From one extreme to the other. The vivid red styling, though trying to add some flair, simply shrunk the bathroom beyond belief.

When it came to rectifying that, we're glad to see that the design team in charge went with a simple approach. Keeping it clean, modern and unfussy made a vast difference to this space and can we just ask… where do you get orange toilet rolls from?

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