A Family's Life-Changing Little Extension

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A family home never quite seems large enough, does it? As children get bigger and need more of their own space, even a generous house can start to feel cramped.

Today's project is a great example of a space starting to feel the pinch of too many people and not enough room. Commissioning a team of architects to solve the problem, the client was treated to a stunning roof extension that opened up a loft bedroom, as well as a ground floor addition.

When you see how much extra space was garnered, we think you'll consider something similar!

Good looks and functionality

There's nothing worse than an extension simply being 'plonked' on the back of a pretty house, with little or no regard for how it will actually look. So, what a treat to see this beautiful addition.

With perfectly matched brick tones, discreet glazing frames and a carefully curated shape that has allowed for as much of the garden to be kept as possible, we can already see what an enormous impact this extension has had on the interior. You can just see the roof extension peeping over the top!

Wide open space

Transplanting the kitchen and play room into the new extension must have allowed for the original house to feel exponentially larger. However, what we can't stop staring at here is the daring and vivacious styling!

Bright white kitchen cabinets meet daring red, creating a funky, happy space that has a family-friendly feel. We really love that unusual corner design, as it almost creates a private little terrace for some outside dining.

A little tranquility

We've said it before and we'll say it again, you can never have too many bathrooms in a family home! Taking the opportunity to add in a new, private, adults-only bathroom during the interior remodel was a stroke of genius.

Thanks to the addition of loft bedrooms, this home now has one floor that's a parent's paradise! This space looks so relaxing and refreshing that we imagine a lot of time is spent in here zoning out from the chaos.

All change

With the kitchen successfully transplanted out into the new rear extension, the rest of the house could be reconfigured to make a bit more sense and offer extra functionality.

With a sizeable reception room and dining space now occupying the ground floor, the layout of this home makes perfect sense, with the styling being kept wonderfully personal.

Just because you have a new extension, it doesn't mean that you need to go overboard with the contemporary décor, after all!

What was and what is

Taking a look at this telling before picture, you can see that little in the way of pretty or fabulous features were sacrificed in order to make way for the new ground floor extension.

With an old outbuilding and a tatty concrete-filled garden in situ, there really was nothing to lose and everything to gain by adding a stunning new extension. We think it was a total success!

For more family home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: A Family Home Extension Masterpiece.

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