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Conservatory decoration ideas—Mistakes to avoid

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Catching some sun, enjoying a cup of tea while watching the garden, socialising with the gang while it’s raining – isn’t having a conservatory grand? Whether you want to use it for growing indoor plants or entertaining the friends, there is no doubt that a conservatory is seen as a bonus.

However, for all our avid DIYers out there who are already fantasising about building their own conservatories, there are a few blunders to avoid in your quest to conjuring up the perfect sunroom – and what luck, for we have all of them right here!

1. Don’t select an unsympathetic style

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You don’t want your brand new sun room/greenhouse to look out of place with the rest of your house. Be selective with the design and choose features that will blend in with your house’s style and structure.

2. Don’t ignore the landscape

Sufficient space will be required for the ground works of your new conservatory. And seeing as you probably don’t want the space surrounding the new room to remain a wasteland, get down to planning the landscaping details as soon as possible.

What could be more stylish than a perfect link between an extension and the adjoining garden?

3. Don’t forget your furniture

Want to include a grand bookcase, dresser, or other big furniture piece in your conservatory? Then make sure to include sufficient wall space.

4. Don’t disregard the rest of the ground floor

The most successful conservatories manage to flow elegantly with the entire ground floor, providing a flexible living space. 

Thus, if you’re investing in new flooring, plastering, and electrical wiring for that new extension, it might be worth it to reconfigure the adjacent rooms as well. 

Need an architect or gardener? How about a carpenter or kitchen planner? Our list of professionals can help you out.

5. Never assume

Barnes, London: Culmax Glass Box Extension Maxlight Modern conservatory

Assume makes an… well, never mind, but never pretend that you are clued up on the intricacies of planning regulations when you’re not. It is not worth the risk (and costs) of taking down that newly built garden room. 

Factors like the size and height of the conservatory, whether or not your home is listed, and its distance from a neighbouring property will determine if planning is required. 

To be safe, rather find an experienced company that can advise you on the necessary regulations.

6. Don’t overlook temperature control

A conservatory that’s chilly in winter and boiling in summer won’t get much action. Rather opt for helpful touches, such as heating (whether underfloor or radiators), to ensure your new extension is most comfy all year round. 

Solar-control glazing can also minimise the amount of heat passing through (both in and out), keeping that sun room an even temperature all year long.

7. Don’t underestimate your view

Aluminium orangery with bi fold doors homify Modern conservatory

Of course your new conservatory should look good from outside – but what about the view it will bring in

Prioritise your planning in terms of where windows and doors will be placed to make the most of what you will see when relaxing in that sun room.

8. Don’t overlook the maintenance factor

Whether it’s a conservatory or a tiny pergola, every garden building requires some sort of maintenance. To keep this factor small (and cheap), opt for aluminium gutters instead of plastic, an aluminium roof, hardwood construction, and read up on the manufacturer warranties. 

And if you really want an oak structure, go with the fully air-dried oak instead of the partially dried- or green oak, which is of lower quality.

9. Don’t scrimp on space

Don’t wait until the entire conservatory has been built before you start wishing it was bigger – or finding out your furniture won’t fit.

That will cost you way more than had you measured and built the extension the way it was meant to be right from the start.

10. Don’t neglect to do your homework

Modern Garden Room homify Modern conservatory

Like everything else in life, conservatory-building should not be done head over heels. 

Make a shortlist of conservatory firms and ask to speak with some of their current customers for reference checks. If you can check out some of their previous handiwork, even better. 

Make sure to find out what's on offer in the way of guarantees, insurance and customer service support before making a final choice.

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What other conservatory crafting tips can you add?

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