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For some, the common wash basin is merely where the water goes after bursting from the faucet tap, or a post-toothbrush gargle. But every aspect and accoutrement of interior design deserves to be expressed to its full potential and aesthetic capacity—humble bathroom basin included! The basin is, after all, a central bathroom showpiece, a ritual point, where we undertake all our beautification duties and tasks. As a matter of fact, we spend a lot more time in front of the bathroom basin (and mirror!) than we’d probably like to admit. It makes sense then to ensure your bathroom is decked out with a basin setup that’s not only perfunctory, but lovely to look at too.

Here are a few delightfully fresh alternative takes on the meek wash basin—arty, demure, modern, elegant, simple and sleek. Consider the personality of your bathroom and how you want to dress it up. It might not be the intuitive starting point, but kick it all off with that creative basin and build a bathroom that dreams are made of.

The art piece

While it may play second fiddle to other, more communal domestic spaces like the lounge and dining room, never underestimate the statement you can make by decking out your bathroom with imagination and style. Here’s one of the most sizzling examples of ‘outside the box’ bathroom and basin design—brash, playful and bold, this almost ‘Dali-esque’ design, with brushed concrete walls and thatched ceiling setup, paves the way for a fantastically unusual basin design, cheekily poised above ‘splash’ shaped floor drain.

Regal Rococo

Sometimes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, but simply add a few light finishing touches to a standard that works. In this example, a regal aesthetic blends with a touch of rococo, ‘antique’ black mirror, ceiling chandelier and vanity set the scene for an elegant, simplistic white ceramic basin, making for a cute space with indelible personality.

The mortar bowl

In a bathroom, decor founded on natural stone and replete with scant flourishes of earthy tones, this example shows how to make your basis the showpiece of the scene—even if your bathroom is space-limited and a little confined this is still an achievable design. This ‘mortar’ style basin (sans pestle) makes for a delicate, thoughtful ‘waterbowl’ sink, medium sized, rounded stone gives optimum space to move around, for additional accoutrements and toiletries the marble shelving conveniently holds all necessary items.

Polished wood divider

When your bathroom is blended intimately with your bedroom and sleeping quarters and amounts to little more than a dividing wall, you’ll probably want to consider making a statement with your choice of basin. Combined bedroom-bathrooms spaces are a common open-plan aesthetic in today’s design choices. This example employs a decadent, plush, sweeping polished wood basin, beautifully fashioned, a piece of art in its own right.

Five star classic opulence

Classic styled bathroom homify Classic style bathroom

Classic styled bathroom


Depending on the size and dimensions you’re working with, it’s ideal to keep things simple—no need to go too overboard with your bathroom design aesthetics. A little five-star hotel opulence is effortlessly achieved in this classy example, naturally lit by window light, meek-painted and panelled walls, a luxurious marble vanity with porcelain basin and—delivering with just the right amount of charm and personality—a small chandelier, and bunch of fresh flowers: perfunctory perfection.

Alluring twin marble basins

When it comes to bathroom design, and in some cases bedroom design too, symmetry is a crucial consideration. Thousands of years’ of Eastern aesthetic philosophy can’t be wrong! For your next bathroom overhaul, consider employing a strong sense of symmetry throughout. In this fine example, we see a well-balanced, well-appointed bathroom, left and right neatly mirroring each other for a sense of tranquillity and balance and, of course, twin bespoke marble basins providing the fusion point—tying the room’s energy and feel together to create an ideal bathroom rejuvenation space.

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